Evolve and Care for Lovable Axolotls in Axolochi

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If you’re an avid internetter, you’re probably familiar with two strangely adorable sea creatures that have made the rounds over the past few years – the blobfish and the axolotl. While the blobfish has taken on the reputation for being strange and kind of ugly (though we disagree), axolotls are highly regarded for being ridiculously cute.

In Axolochi from HyperBeard Games, you can evolve and care for different breeds of colorful axolotl, inspired by the real amphibians found in the lakes below Mexico City. (Where HyperBeard HQ is located!) Ready to step into the Axolochi Research Aquarium and get started caring for these adorable creatures? Here’s why we think you’ll love the game as much as we did.

Our Axolochi Review:

Evolve and Care for Lovable Axolotyl in Axolochi
Give Them Lots of Love:

When the game begins, you’ll be greeted by cute pink axolotl, welcoming you to the game. At the Axolochi Research Aquarium, they care for axolotls until they are ready to be released into their natural habitat and fulfill their mystical destinies, which has just become your responsibility. With each evolution of your axolotl, you’ll need to give it love and care by feeding it, petting it, and bathing it. It’s a lot like a virtual pet app or Tamagotchi, you’ll need to figure out what your axolotl needs at any given moment.

Petting and bathing are pretty basic, just rub your finger on the screen until your creature is giggling, happy, and clean. Feeding works a little differently you’ll need to drag the food from the plates to their mouths to make them eat.

Evolve and Care for Lovable Axolotyl in Axolochi
In addition to all that love and care, there are also lots of minigames you can play together. See how many balls you can catch and bubbles you can pop. You can even play an adorable memory dance game, which is our favorite. Playing the games allows you to spend some quality time with your new friend as well as earn some coins.

Evolve and Care for Lovable Axolotyl in Axolochi
Evolve and Hatch New Species:

As you care for your little buddy, you’ll earn hearts which will fill up the evolution meter near the bottom of the screen. Once the meter is full, you’ll be able to unlock the next evolution which you’ll continue to care for. Once your creature is fully grown, you’ll release it into the wild by tapping on it until you’ve filled all the symbols in the circle around it. You’ll also earn a decoration for your tank! Then you can start again by collecting a fresh new egg from the mysterious Axolochi machine and hatching it into a brand new species.

Each egg you hatch will be different from the last, and there are 36 different species to collect. Sometimes you’ll just unlock a different color than the one you had before, for example, our second axolotl was green rather than pink, but there are a lot of quirky designs hidden within those eggs, including ice cream cones and dragons. You’ll definitely want to collect them all! Check your Axolog in the menu at any time to see your full collection.

Evolve and Care for Lovable Axolotyl in Axolochi
Customize and Collect:

Since HyperBeard games are known for their collectibility, there are a few ways you can get your collection on in Axolochi. Dress up your axolotl in the form of adorable hats, similar to what you can do in KleptoCats. Hats can be purchased in the hat shop for 2 pearls each, and you’ll get a different one at random each time. See if you can unlock all 24! You can earn free pearls each day by claiming your daily reward from a super cute little turtle, purchasing them with coins, or completing offers. 

You can also unlock new foods for your axolotyl by hitting up the food shop and having a tasty treat whipped up by an octopus chef! There are 12 different to unlock at the moment, and each one costs 250 coins. As far as we can tell the different food types don’t have any effect on your axolotl’s happiness, but we like that it adds a little variety. Eating the same thing all the time would get pretty dull. 

Treasure hunting is another way to add to your collection! Click the treasure map to go to the depths of the aquarium and unlock a secret treasure for 50 coins. See how many you can recognize – many of them are based on pop culture references and shoutouts to other HyperBeard games.

Evolve and Care for Lovable Axolotyl in Axolochi
For a little extra fun, you can throw parties for your axolotl! Complete with confetti and neon lights, these cute parties help you earn extra heart bubbles and coins. As with all HyperBeard games, always be on the lookout on their social media accounts for secret codes you can type into your game and unlock rewards! There are in-app purchases available via the shop if you’re in the market for extra coins and pearls.

Evolve and Care for Lovable Axolotyl in Axolochi
Why We Heart It:

Axolochi isn’t the most complex game, but like most HyperBeard titles, it’s an experience that oozes cuteness, humor, and charm. After the stress of a hard day at school or work, it’s so nice to have something simple, cute, and fun to help us unwind at the end of the day. Plus, HyperBeard is notorious for keeping their games consistenly updated with new content, so there’s always something new to look forward to! Speaking of – they just gave KleptoCats 2, KleptoDogs, and Clawbert huge Halloween updates, so be sure to check those out!

Axolochi is now available for FREE on iOS and Android devices. Need something else to play while you wait for your Axolochi to evolve? Be sure to check out HyperBeard’s other new release, Monkeynauts!

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