Here’s Why You’re About to Be in Your Furby Era

Much like Taylor Swift, Furby comes back stronger than a 90s trend every few years, and just in time for its 25th anniversary, Furby has returned for an all-new era!

This new edition is the cutest yet. With vibrant fur in trendy colors, big cartoon-like eyes, and a customizable necklace and charms, this Furby knows the meaning of a glow-up. Eager to greet you with the press of its heart gem and a quick callout, it bounces to life with glowing ears, sassy one-liners, and one goal – to become your BFF!

Hasbro made sure every moment is as unfurb-gettable as Furby’s lasting legacy. Whether it’s letting out a fart in the middle of a meditation, sharing it’s irrational fear of squirrels, or rapping about how much it loves pizza, Furby is is as silly as ever, which, if you ask us, has always been the very best part.

We spent a few days hands-on with our new friend, and it’s safe to say we’re definitely in our Furby era – and you will be too!

Here’s Why You’ll Love Furby:

Purple and Coral Furbys sitting next to each other on an ottoman in a cute tween bedroom
(Image via Hasbro)

Oo-Nye (You) in For a Treat:

Everything about Furby is fun, starting with the unboxing experience! Pull the cardboard key down the side of the box and lift and the Furby-shaped cutout to reveal your new friend and their bedroom backdrop. Complete with peace sign pillows, a Discman, and a beanbag chair, Furby’s room is a Y2K paradise that perfectly sets the scene for what’s to come, making every moment together feel like swapping secrets at a sleepover.

As you wake Furby up for the first time, they will open their sparkling rainbow eyes, bouncing to life and exclaiming how excited they are to become your best friend Furb-ever. Whenever you want to play together, press the heart gem above their eyes and say, “Hey Furby!”

It also comes with a necklace cord, pizza pendant, and other clip-on beads that you can share, as well as a comb. Make a necklace for Furby, or snap the charms into their fur and your hair for a selfie-worthy twinning moment.

A tween girl laying on a fluffy blanket while writing with a puffball topped pen. A coral Furby sits next to her.
(Image via Hasbro)

It’s Da-no-lah! (Party Time):

Whether you’re asking them to tell your fortune, winding down with a meditation sesh, or having an epic dance party together, this new Furby is an absolute blast! Furby responds to your voice, so you can tell it which of the 5 modes you want to play: Dance Party, Copy Cat, Tell My Fortune, Let’s Chill, or Light Show. The more time you spend together, the more interactions you’ll unlock, with over 600 phrases, songs, jokes, and secrets to discover. Furby also reacts to tickles and snuggles, and don’t forget to feed it a bite of its pizza charm from time to time so it doesn’t get hangry.

The experience is a ton of fun solo, but even better with a friend. Sing and dance together to Furby’s original songs in Dance Party mode (President of the Moon is a Grammy-worthy bop, in our humble opinion), or be the star of your next sleepover passing them around, finding out your fortunes and asking it all your burning questions in Magical Furball mode. Copy Cat mode will have you cracking up as Furby repeats everything you say back to you in funny voices.

A tween girl sitting in a bed surrounded by colorful pillows. She is holding a coral Furby and combing its hair.
(Image via Hasbro)

Oh-kah-tee (OMG!), Even More FUN:

Light Show mode turns Furby into more than just a friend, but a way to add ambiance to your room. Tap their head to cycle through the light modes you’ve unlocked. Set it to Campfire while reading a spooky story or Aurora Furb-orealis while listening to your favorite playlist and watch as Furby’s LED ears glow in different colors and patterns.

Time to relax? Say “Let’s Chill,” and Furby will begin a guided meditation complete with empowering mantras to help you clear your mind before a big test or to help you unwind before bed. And speaking of bedtime, Furby loves a nap, so lay it on its back to count sheep together as you drift off to dreamland. Baaa.

Have more than one Furby? They can interact with each other! We didn’t have a chance to try this out, but based on our experience with one, we’re certain it will be double the fun!

Want to find out your Furby Friendship style? Click HERE to take the quiz!

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