Here’s What Your Favorite Pikmin Says About You

It’s time to break out of your onion and explore the garden – Pikmin 4 just sprouted up on Nintendo Switch, and this new adventure is the most exciting yet!

These plant-like creatures might be small, but when they gather together, they’re basically unstoppable. Pikmin 4 promises even more chances to grow and care for your Pikmin while leading the squad through new dangerous obstacles and enemies as you strategize and help them navigate a mysterious planet.

All 9 types of Pikmin and Oatchi standing in a garden filled with flowers, rocks, and birds with the game logo above them.
(Image via Nintendo)

New to the game is Oatchi, resident good boy and loyal pup who’s always ready to sniff out secrets and protect the Pikmin along the way. Plus, there are two brand new Pikmin types, Glow and Ice, ready to show off their abilities. With even more treasures to gather on your journey, get ready to sink countless hours into the game as you explore lush, green worlds full of surprises.

Pikmin are curious, loyal, and dependable, and each of them brings something unique to the group, just like you. Ready to find out how you relate to your favorite Pikmin? Keep on reading to reveal which traits you share!

Here’s What Your Favorite Pikmin Says About You:

Red Pikmin laying down, head propped up with it's hand

Red Pikmin:

Fiery and fierce, you’re just like a Red Pikmin! Your friends can count on you to step up – and deliver!

Always ready to lead the pack, your independent spirit and logical mindset fuel your ability to take charge. Whether you’re slaying a group project, leading your sports team to victory, or organizing an epic end-of-summer bash, you’re always fired up when an opportunity to lead comes your way.

Blue Pikmin sitting down

Blue Pikmin:

Easygoing. Laid back. Totally cool. Ring a bell? If Blue Pikmin are your fav, you’re probably the chill one in your squad, keeping things going swimmingly in the group chat with your quick wit and endless jokes that just hit different.

When plans change, you don’t get caught up in the details – you go with the flow. On land, in water, or in the school caf, your flexible nature comes in handy, helping you to adapt to any situation or pick up new skills like it’s no big thing. Your chill vibes are what draws people to your side, but it’s your personality that really makes a splash!

Yellow Pikmin laying down, leaning its head on its hand

Yellow Pikmin:

Shockingly great describes Yellow Pikmin, and it describes you, too!

Adventurous and curious, you’re always down to try new things. Something tells us you’re the fun one in your squad, bringing high energy to every activity and ever-ready to seek out a new adventure. Whether it be thrill-seeking jaunts, like riding a coaster with a massive drop or simply convincing your bestie to break out of their comfort zone and try a new restaurant in the next town over, your curiosity electrifies your soul and makes life interesting!

Ice Pikmin standing facing the camera

Ice Pikmin:

New to the pack, these chilly Pikmin are already proving they’re as dependable as the OGs. So how are you like these icy creatures? You’re always there when you say you will be – sitting front row at your bestie’s acting debut in the school musical, dropping everything to craft a pick-me-up for a friend who’s going through it, or sacrificing weekend fun to help mom re-paint the living room – you name it.

You can always sense what really matters to the people around you and prioritize their needs, and it’s the coolest thing about you!

Glow Pikmin hovering facing the camera

Glow Pikmin:

Yo glow, girl!

Like a Glow Pikmin, you’re the shining light of your friend group. The one who always stands out in a crowd and makes every day feel like a movie. Star-like in your charm, you illuminate every room you’re in, and you have a knack for effortlessly turning otherwise boring activities into unforgettable memories.

Something about your aura just glows. Even at a rowdy homecoming game or a loud birthday party, you make everyone you talk to feel like the most important person in the room.

Purple Pikmin standing facing the camera

Purple Pikmin:

Strong, yet fabulous. If this sounds like you, then it’s the Purple Pikmin you relate to most, for sure. These grape-colored creatures are as tough as you are confident!

Big test? Team captain? Karaoke night? You’re not nervous at all, in fact, you thrive in any situation where you can give it your all and do your best. Handling pressure comes naturally to you, and you’re always stunning others with your ability to shake off everything from a bad day to a bad mood with ease.

Rock Pikmin walking

Rock Pikmin:

Always ready to stand up for what you believe in, there’s no surprise the Rock Pikmin is your fav. They’re sturdy and unbreakable, just like your plucky, Pikmin-like spirit! You have a tendency to jump in and speak your mind, especially when your core beliefs are being challenged.

You might have a tough exterior and a tenacious never-back-down attitude, but you’re a rock-solid friend who’ll do anything for the people you care about.

Winged Pikmin flying

Winged Pikmin:

Soaring above it all, Winged Pikmin don’t get bogged down in the details, and neither do you. You’re a team player to your core, eager to help anyone who needs it. Determined to do it all, you feel like you’re flying when you spot an opportunity to swoop in and help out, and like a Pikmin, you know there’s you’re stronger when everyone works together.

Far from having your head in the clouds, you’re reaching for the sky with your lofty goals and unstoppable ambition. Don’t worry, we know you’ll land amongst the stars!

White Pikmin standing, facing the camera

White Pikmin:

White Pikmin are poisonous, so if you’re feeling a little rough around the edges lately, these small but mighty creatures can totally relate. Just because you’re going through it doesn’t mean you can’t handle it. In fact, you’re more courageous than you think!

These Pikmin can handle toxic environments better than most – and so can you! Navigating everything from bad days to friend fights seems to be your strong suit. You’re introspective and in tune with your feelings, and we’re betting you give seriously great advice.


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