Everyone Shines on Game Night with our Cranium 25th Anniversary GIVEAWAY!

NOTE: We teamed up with Funko Games for this Cranium 25th Anniversary Giveaway. All opinions are our own; we were under no obligation to give a positive review. Giveaway prizes provided by Funko Games.

It’s time to turn game night into an unforgettable party with throwback flair!

Cranium arrived on the scene in 1998 and quickly became the game night staple, making waves with its innovative gameplay and silly challenges. Rather than being just trivia-focused like Trivial Pursuit or only about art, like Pictionary, Cranium earned its icon status by focusing on variety and making it so everyone around the table had the chance to shine.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of this board game classic, and to celebrate, Funko Games have released four Cranium games, including refreshed fan favs and a brand new addition to the lineup. Whether you’re looking for an activity for your Y2K-themed birthday party or a unique game night pick packed with variety that your entire squad will love, Cranium has got you covered!

Cranium 25th Annivesary Edition, Hoopla, Big Brain Detective Game, and Hullaballoo game boxes lined up on a table
(Image via Funko Games)

Want to know more about this fab collection of games? You’re in luck because we’re breaking down the titles and how’ll you shine as you play each one. Plus, we teamed up with Funko Games for a Cranium 25th Anniversary giveaway! We’re giving ONE lucky winner a chance to win a copy of the Cranium 25th Anniversary Edition, Hoopla, and the Big Brain Detective game!

Ready to enter? Grab your favorite adult and have them enter below for your chance to WIN!

Make Game Night Shine With These New Cranium Games:

Cranium 25th Anniversary Edition Game box, dry-erase boards, Cranium clay, and other game pieces laid out on a living room table.
(Image via Funko Games)

Cranium 25th Anniversary Edition:

WHO WILL SHINE?: Everyone. No, really!

GAME DEETS: The reason Cranium is still a classic even after 25 years is because it makes the most of everyone’s abilities. Nothing is worse than feeling left out on game night, which is why the Cranium mantra is “Everyone Shines!” This party game is all about unleashing your creativity and tapping into your talents, all while giggling your way through every activity as you compete against the opposing team. Every team member brings something to the table as you make your way around the track completing challenges.

Data Heads will love deciphering facts and picture-based challenges, Word Worms can wiggle their way to victory as they ace word and letter puzzles, Star Performers can show off their acting and humming skills in gesture and sound-based challenges, and Creative Cats can channel their artsy side as they sculpt the iconic purple clay and draw with their eyes closed on the included whiteboards.

Packed with 800 brand-new questions and challenges and a mix of 18 classic and new activities, this is the definitive edition of Cranium for old and new fans alike!

A hand holding a Cranium Hoopla die with cards, game pieces, and a timer laying around a wooden table
(Image via Funko Games)

Cranium Hoopla:

WHO WILL SHINE?: Anyone in their creative era.

GAME DEETS: Refreshed and ready for a comeback, Hoopla is here to transform game night into an award-worthy performance where every second counts!

With cooperative gameplay, this seemingly simple card game will bring the whole squad together. With 15 minutes on the clock, players will be tasked with one of eight outrageous activities, like describing, drawing, and acting out their clues to get the other players to guess everything from pop culture references to notable locations and more. Make your way through 24 cards before time runs out to earn yourself a win.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist, a budding performer, or have a natural ability for making really good guesses, Hoopla will make the most of all your best talents!

Cranium Big Brain Detective Game puzzle map, game box, and other game pieces laid out on a wooden table
(Image via Funko Games)

Cranium Big Brain Detective Game:

WHO WILL SHINE?: Mystery lovers with an eye for detail!

GAME DEETS: The Big Brain Detective Game may be the new kid in town, but it fits in with the rest of the Cranium crew as if it’s been there all along!

Channel your inner detective as you work alongside your friends and family to beat the clock as you search the city for clues and crack cases. The oversized city map is filled with tiny illustrations, including classic Cranium characters as well as new friends to find.

There are over 300 mysteries included, making this one great for playing over and over again, as well as ideas for how to switch up the gameplay to keep things fresh, including a solo mode for observant girlies who want to practice their sleuthing while listening to their favorite mystery podcast!

FYI: There’s actually a fourth game called Hullaballo, a great game to play with your younger siblings or bring along on your next babysitting gig. It’s not included in our giveaway, but we thought you might wanna know!

Cranium 25th Anniversary Giveaway:

Prize graphic featuring all the times in the Cranium 25th Anniversary Giveaway Prize Pack. Fully detailed rules, entry form, & prize info detailed below this image.


ONE (1) lucky winner will receive a Cranium Prize Pack that includes:
– ONE (1) copy of Cranium 25th Anniversary Edition
– ONE (1) copy of Cranium Hoopla
– ONE (1) copy of Cranium Big Brain Detective Game
*Prizes generously provided by Funko Games.


Grab a parent or guardian and have them fill out the form below by August 1, 2023 at 11:59pm ET.

Giveaway runs from 07/18/23 at 01:00 pm ET through 08/01/23 at 11:59 pm. Open to US residents ONLY. Be sure to read the fully detailed rules HERE before entering.


You must be 18 or older to enter. Please, only ONE entry per person. If selected as a winner, we will provide your parent/guardian with an affidavit to confirm that you are a valid winner who has permission to win. They will be REQUIRED to sign and return the affidavit to YAYOMG! to claim your prize. Prizes will NOT be mailed out without signed parental consent.


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