Descendants Winter Style: Jay Outfit

The final look in our Descendants Winter Style Series is Jay, son of Jafar! Looking for the other looks in the series? Look no further, here’s Carlos, Mal, and Evie!

Descendants Winter Style: Jay Outfit

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As a reformed thief, Jay’s style is definitely the most rough around the edges out of the bunch. It’s got lots of attitude, so we decided to play that up for his Winter look in the form of rips, tears, studs, and of course, leather! Jay’s leather vest isn’t exactly keeping him warm, but it would look awesome layered over (or under) a warm denim jacket. Generally denim jackets are more of a Spring thing, but there are some that come lined and even have fur hoods, making them perfect for a chilly day. They’re not exactly snowy weather material, which is why we tossed a few cute ideas for warmer coats in the gallery too.

Descendants Winter Style: Jay Outfit
signature red beanie can be worn in the Winter too, or you can swap it out for another color (or add studs or pom poms into the mix to switch it up a bit!) Accessorize with some Jafar inspired earrings, leather ear warmers, spiked gloves, whatever works best with the colors and style you’re working with. (We’re big fans of playing up the yellow and blue in Jay’s look, since Carlos also wears a lot of red! Plus, they’re Auradon colors!) If you’re still stuck for ideas, check out the other looks in the series for inspiration. Mal, Carlos, Jay, and Evie have very different personalities, but there’s lots of similarities when it comes to their fashion sense!

Since Jay’s admittedly into leather, you should try and work it into your look wherever possible. Leather boots, leather patches on sweaters, even a leather skirt! A longer leather skirt paired with a sweater and some tights or leggings will definitely keep you snuggly warm.

For even more ideas, check out our other Jay outfit – it’s filled with even more ideas for you to mix and match for the perfect Villain Kid look that’s simply rotten!

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