WATCH: Storks Teaser Trailer

We all know that storks deliver babies, but what if they delivered PACKAGES instead? Next September, we’ll find out the story of what Storks are all about!

In the Storks teaser trailer, we see the head honcho telling us all about the new and improved baby production facility, where the babies are created and prepped for delivery on Stork Mountain. While he babbles on about how perfect the technology is, you can see that everything is going a little wonky with the machine in the background.

Storks Teaser Trailer
The story behind Storks is that they used to deliver babies, but now they deliver packages for internet retailer, The top delivery stork, Junior, is well on his way receiving a big promotion when he accidentally ends up activating the Baby Making Machine. When the machine pops out a little baby girl, Junior realizes this mistake could cost him the promotion, and maybe even his job, so he teams up with Tulip, the only human on Stork Mountain. Together, they race to make their first-ever baby delivery. While out on their journey, they realize that maybe baby delivery really is kinda rewarding and restore the faith in the storks true mission in the world.

Sounds like we’re in for a pretty great flick. Storks comes out on September 23, 2016!

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