Pokemon Shuffle Will Be Nintendo’s First Mobile Game

It’s old news that Nintendo is finally going to start making games for mobile starting this year, but they surprised everyone this morning with an announcement that Pokemon Shuffle Mobile will be their very first mobile game, coming later this year! Here’s the first look at Pokemon Shuffle Mobile.

Pokemon Shuffle is a super fun match 3 game for the Nintendo 3DS. You need to match similar Pokemon in the puzzle area in order to battle against and catch wild Pokemon. This a perfect game for mobile since there’s lots of similar games out there that follow this same style, including Angry Birds Fight! You’ll be able to use the Pokemon you catch to build a team of Pokemon to use in battle, just like the usual Pokemon games. Items, Mega Evolutions, and many of the other power ups you’re used to seeing in a Pokemon game will be available in Pokemon Shuffle Mobile to help you in battle.

The game will be hitting both the App Store and Google Play. The game will be free, but will contain in-app purchases. No word yet on when it will be available, but we’re pretty stoked to finally be getting a Nintendo game on mobile!

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