Angry Birds LEGO

The Angry Birds Movie isn’t set to hit theaters until next Summer, but they’re already talking about new toys. Since the birds have gotten a new look (and have somehow grown FEET?), it’s a totally great opportunity for more merch – and this means you can fill your room, your body, and your life with even more Angry Birds goodness. LEGO is going to be putting out a line of Angry Birds LEGO sets next Spring! There’s only one picture so far, but we hear more will be revealed at SDCC next week – so we’ll keep you posted!

Angry Birds Movie LEGO

Angry Birds LEGO is pretty much a MUST HAVE – but literally the only thing we can think of right now is “OH MY GLOB THERE MIGHT BE A LEGO ANGRY BIRDS VIDEO GAME IN OUR FUTURE!” 
LEGO makes some of the funnest (that’s right. FUNNEST!) and funniest video games out there, so it would totally suit the Angry Birds universe. If it doesn’t get a standalone game, a LEGO Dimensions Level Pack seems like a perfect tie-in! Or maybe even LEGO Worlds!

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