Comic Book Style Series: Kimberly Outfit – Zodiac Starforce

The third look in our Comic Book Style Series is Kimberly Rose (aka Taurus) from Zodiac Starforce. Kim’s style is a perfect mix of edgy and girly, just like her. She’s tough as heck in a battle, but she’s also kinda sensitive, especially when it comes to things changing between her and her friends. We’ve been obsessing over her pink vest (and awesome hair) since pretty much forever, so we figured she’d be a great pick for this style series! Here’s how you can re-create your own Kimberly outfit!

Kimberly Outfit - Zodiac Starforce

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While Kim’s evil fighting magical girl outfit is just as wonderful as her regular style, we went for her casual look for this style series. It’s easy to put together and comfortable to rock as both a Halloween costume or just for kicking back with your lady squad. Let’s start at the top with her most iconic piece – that killer pink vest. Hers is covered in spikes and patches and buttons, so make sure to accessorize yours as well. We tossed a few options in the gallery for inspiration. Layer it over your favorite 3/4 baseball top or stripey shirt to match Kim’s look.

Kimberly Zodiac Starforce Outfit
Next, toss on some black shorts and tall purple or magenta thigh high socks. (If it’s cold out, feel free to swap the socks with tights or leggings so you can stay warm.) Find your comfiest pair of black boots, maybe combat boots or something with a buckle for extra edge. Kimberly’s astral stone is Azurite, which probably isn’t something you have lying around in your jewelry box – so accessorizing with a blue triangular necklace like hers would totally work.
She rocks bright pink stud earrings, but we also included triangles and roses as a choice as well. (She IS Kimberly Rose, after all!) She also wears purple wrist cuffs, which you can interpret with anything from a cuff to a sweatband to fun bracelets.

That’s pretty much it for Kim’s look. Try swapping out pretty much any accessory we picked with white and blue instead of pink and purple and add some elbow pads and glowy reflective tape to mimic her uniform style! If you haven’t read Zodiac Starforce yet, don’t fret. They’re only 2 issues in so far, so just head on down to your local comic store and get yourself caught up!

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