Comic Book Style Series: Ripley Outfit – Lumberjanes

Next up in our Comic Book Style Series is Ripley from Lumberjanes! If “Friendship to the Max” isn’t already your life motto, we’re guessing you’ve never read Lumberjanes – which you absolutely must fix immediately!
There’s two trades out now from BOOM! Studios, so it’ll be nice and easy for you to catch up on all the monster slaying, craft making, warm friendship-y goodness of Ripley, Mal, April, Jo, and Molly!

Comic Book Style Series - Ripley Outfit - Lumberjanes
We picked Ripley for this style series because she’s the youngest and most rambunctious of the bunch, and we just really love that about her. April is probably the most traditionally stylish and girly, but we wanted to take a different route. Plus, Ripley’s outfit perfect for a comfy Halloween costume OR an “I don’t really feel like changing for gym class today and the teacher will never notice if I just rock these red sporty shorts to play volley ball even though I’ve been wearing them all day.” kinda scenario. Not that we encourage that, but let’s be real – it happens sometimes.

Ripley Outfit - Lumberjanes

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Ripley’s outfit is kinda simple, so we also included a few pieces in our gallery that you could use to rock a Lumberjanes uniform as well. Green sash, yellow button down, authentic Lumberjanes badges, and an army green skirt – or in Ripley’s case – cargo shorts. Ripley’s go-to outfit is an orange polo with the buttons unbuttoned layered over a long sleeve white top. Tie a blue-green flannel around your waist, and you’re pretty much set. Plus you can rock it if you get chilly while kicking bad guy butt or Trick-or-Treating.

Your Ripley outfit isn’t complete without her signature red shorts, tube socks, and orange sneakers. Personally we think she’d rock slip-ons because who has time for laces when there’s kittens to cuddle?!
She’s not really isn’t really one for accessories, but if you wanna dazzle up your look a bit, she sometimes ties a bandana around her head. We also think she’d maybe rock some kind of cat or dinosaur accessory, like a necklace or bracelet. You can also try some temporary hair chalk or spray to get Ripley’s rad blue bangs!

That’s pretty much it! Feel free to switch it up if you’ve got different pieces in your closet, but make sure to memorize the Lumberjanes pledge before you rock your Ripley outfit in the wild! Stay tuned for more of our Comic Book Style Series, and don’t forget to check out our Teen Dog outfit!

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