The Welcome to Showside Animated Short is Here and It’s Everything

Surprise! While we were all counting down the days until the Welcome to Showside comic from Z2 Comics (it’s out tomorrow – 10/28 – so get your butts down to the comic shop!), we were a little blindsided in the best way possible when Ian McGinty shared the animated short with the world today! Check it out here.

It was common knowledge that the series was being turned into a cartoon, but we had no idea we’d be getting a taste of it so soon! We don’t wanna ruin it with spoilers, so just watch for yourself as Kit, Moon, and Belle eat a bunch of waffles, sick burn baby bad guys, and give us a little glimpse into what life is like for them in Showside! (Just don’t get any marshmallow fluff on Moon’s books!)

Welcome to Showside Short
The short is the perfect mix of weird and adorable, just the way we like our cartoons. Count us in as fans, Mr. McGinty! We’re loving it and can’t wait for even more episodes! Stay tuned, we’ve got more Welcome to Showside goodness coming later this week in the form of a Moon style post. She’s the final entry in our Comic Book Style Series, and it’s gonna be magical, just like her!

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