Valentine’s Day Style: 2 Cute Looks 4 U

Valentine’s Day is almost here and love is in the air! Everywhere you look, there’s heart decorations, flower bouquets, and even Starbucks released some super special Valentine’s Day drinks. Whether you totally heart VDay or couldn’t really care less, we’ve pieced together two really cute looks that we think you’ll love. One’s got a bit more girly flair, perfect for a first date or a Valentine’s Day dance at school, and the other is a look for a BFF-Boy Haters Hangout with a little more edge. You can even mix and match pieces from each look to build your own perfect VDay outfit based on your style. Here’s our Valentine’s Day Style inspiration 4 U! (And we swear we’re done talking like candy hearts now. Maybe.)

Valentine's Day Style 2016

First up is the “First Date” look. This girly style is perfect for heading out on a first date with your crush or maybe your VDay dance at school. We went with a cute pink polkadot top (if it’s cold where you live, you could try something long sleeve or grab your favorite sweater) and a black floral skater skirt. We’re sort of obsessed with this skirt (it’s from Justice, FYI), because it really balances the girly florals with the darker shades oh-so well. It’s really cute, and could end up being a staple piece in your wardrobe that you’ll wear again and again. You could go heels with this look if you wanted to, but if you’re going on a first date, you’re definitely going to want to go for comfort, so a flat shoe like this (or even a boot) would be a much better choice. It’s got the same dolled-up look, but you won’t have to worry about tripping on your date! We chose a candy heart clutch and a hairbow headband for our look, but you can accessorize based on your own preference and style. If you’re going somewhere nicer, add some sparkle with a necklace or bracelet.

Valentine's Day Style 2016

This second look is the one we’re calling the “BFF Hangout” style, but you can really wear it anywhere. On a date, to an anti-Vday/girls-only party, or really anywhere else you want to. We just wanted a look with a little more edge than the other one. For this look, we picked a stripey dress with a lace back and leggings with hearts on the knees. These leggings say “Hey, I like hearts, but I don’t really need your flowers.” (Chocolate is always welcome, however!) Give the look a punch of color with bright pink (or red, or purple – whichever you prefer) Chucks. We tossed in ruffle socks, because we just couldn’t resist how cute they are, and the Candy Heart beanie is one of our favorite VDay items we’ve seen this year. If you’re feeling different accessories, that’s cool too! You can even mix and match with the other outfit. Like the dress from this look with the shoes from the other? You do you, that’s what makes fashion so special, you can rock your style however you want to!

We hope you all get at least a million Valentines this year and more chocolate than you know what to do with! For more fun outfit ideas, click here!

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