Teen Dog Final Issue

Today is a sad, sad day for us comic lovers. That’s right, today the final issue of Teen Dog hits the shelves! Head on down to your local comic shop, grab the issue, and cuddle up with your favorite furry friend to see how the story ends.

Teen Dog and Mari

Summer vacation is here in Teen Dog final issue, but don’t you shed a tear, Teen Dog will never forget about you. (hey, hey, hey, hey!) We’re sad to say goodbye to TD, Mari, and Thug Pug – but they’ll definitely live in our hearts forever. We’ll be reminded of them every time we do a kickflip or get a high score at the arcade.

Here’s a few preview pages creator Jake Lawrence shared of the Teen Dog final issue:

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for more issues of TD in the future, but if you’ve got a pizza shaped hole in your heart where Teen Dog used to be for the last 8 months, you can always re-read the entire series or even draw some Teen Dog fan art! You can even turn your TD fan art into a tattoo, using our DIY Temporary Tattoo tutorial we posted the other day!

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