Fun App: Plum’s Photo Hunt

Plum’s Photo Hunt is a super fun photo scavenger hunt app by PBS Kids. If you love Plum Landing, the PBS Kids site and web series all about nature, science, and exploring the wonders the wonders of our planet, this is the app for you! Put on your adventure hat, grab the nearest iPhone or iPod Touch (make sure you ask first!), and head out into the world for a big photo adventure.

Plum's Photo Hunt App - PBS Kids  Plum's Photo Hunt App - PBS Kids  Plum's Photo Hunt App - PBS Kids

Plum’s Photo Hunt has a few different things that you can do. Photo Missions give you a list of things to find and take pictures of out in nature, such as clouds, trees, flowers, bugs, and more. Once you find something on the list, take a picture of it to add it into your app.

Plum's Photo Hunt App - PBS Kids Plum's Photo Hunt App - PBS Kids  

The latest update allows you to add images you’ve taken into a Field Journal and write notes about your findings so you can always go back and look at them and again and share them with your friends and family. You can even send your Field Journal findings to Plum herself!  If you send your photos to Plum, they can end up being featured on the Plum Landing site in the Photo section where you can bask in the glory of seeing your hard work and the photos of other fellow adventurers! Pretty cool!

Plum's Photo Hunt App - PBS Kids

There’s also a Photo Bomb mode where Plum and her friends can join in on the fun and get in the photo with you!

It’s the perfect app for a weekend activity or summer vacation and it works well in any season since there’s always something new to explore in nature every time the seasons change.

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