5 Reasons the Play-Doh Movie Will Be AWESOME!

Have you ever been sitting around, making stuff out of Play-Doh and thought “Man, this would make a really awesome movie?!”. Our guess is no, however, we have high hopes for the Play-Doh movie that was just announced by Hasbro.

Here’s a few reasons the Play-Doh movie could be the best movie ever:
1. The Lego Movie exists, and is hilarious and amazing. Toys make for awesome movies!
2. Hasbro makes Play-Doh. Do you know what else Hasbro makes? My Little Pony! Maybe we’ll see a Mane-6 cameo?
3. Some of the best moments of everyone’s childhood were spent playing with Play-Doh.
4. The Play-Doh movie¬†will likely be at least a little bit claymation. CGI is all the rage, but claymation is where it’s at!
5. You can build pretty much anything out of Play-Doh. The possibilities are endless!

Bonus Reason: It’s being directed by Paul Feig, who’s currently working on the Peanuts movie. How can you not trust the man who’s bringing Snoopy back to the world?!

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