QUIZ: What’s Your Furby Friendship Style?

Oh-kah-tee! (OMG!) The most iconic interactive pet has returned, and Furby is ready to become your new bestie!

Since the very first Furby hit shelves way back in 1998, they have always been about friendship, connection, and fun – and all of those messages are as true as ever. Silly and supportive, Furby is as loyal as they come and a true friend you can count on, always willing to listen and ready with a joke to make you laugh. These lovably weird creatures remind everyone to embrace what makes us unique, but most importantly, to be a welcoming friend to all!

We shared a review of the new Furby and why we think it’s time for you to embrace your Furby era, and now, we’re helping you find out which one of its friendship traits you share with a quiz!

QUIZ: What’s Your Furby Friendship Style?:

Are you a Furb-ever Friend or kickin’ it in Chill Mode? Take our quiz to find out your Furby friendship style and a Furby moment you and your friends can share together!

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