Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

So, it may not be Paper Luigi like we had hoped, but we sure did get an awesome Nintendo Mashup announcement during Nintendo’s E3 announcements. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam will be released for Nintendo 3DS in Spring 2016.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam - Nintendo 3DS

It’s still pretty far off, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ride the hype train! Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam combines Nintendo’s two beloved RPG series together into one super fun game!
The Mario & Luigi series are light, funny RPG adventures (Like Partners in Time and Bowsers Inside Story). The Paper Mario series are always REALLY cute and very charming (Super Paper Mario, Sticker Star, etc). Combining the two series into one is sure to be a hilarious, whimsical adventure that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

Fingers crossed that we see a Paper Mario amiibo to go along with this game, or even better, a PAPERCRAFT MARIO amiibo!

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam - Nintendo 3DS

Check out the Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam reveal trailer here!

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