OMG! amiibo are coming to Skylanders SuperChargers!

2015 seems to be the year of Nintendo Mashups (told you so!), and that doesn’t just end with games! Nintendo is making two special Skylanders SuperChargers amiibo! Meet Hammer Slam Bowser and Turbo Charge Donkey Kong! Nintendo and Activision teamed up and used their awesome bestie powers for this super cool collaboration!

Skylanders SuperChargers amiibo - Hammer Slam Bowser - Turbo Charge Donkey Kong

Both Bowser and Donkey Kong will also have special vehicles, like the other SuperChargers characters in the game. Bowser will have the Clown Cruiser – a variation on the Koopa Clown Car. Donkey Kong will have the Barrel Blaster. These special amiibo with work both on the Skylanders SuperChargers portal, as well as being used as regular amiibo by just twisting the bottom of the figure.


Skylanders SuperChargers takes everything you love about Skylanders and brings it to the next level by adding in vehicles and awesome new gameplay. You’ll be able to drive evil crazy by land, by air, and by sea! The game will be available September 20th in all the usual places (PS3/PS4, Xbox 360/Xbox One, PC, Tablet, and of course, Wii/WiiU and 3DS), but in the WiiU version, you’ll be able to use these NEW amiibo!

For even more info, check out the Skylanders SuperChargers amiibo announcement video here!

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