7 Nintendo Mashups That Need to Happen

Every June, during E3, it’s like video game Christmas! You get to hear exciting announcements about what’s to come in the next year or two in gaming. It’s the one time of the year where it doesn’t matter if you prefer Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo – all gaming fans are psyched to hear about the future of gaming.

We’re huge Nintendo fans, so we thought it would be jump on the E3 hype train with some silly Nintendo wishlist games that’ll probably never see the light of day. From Paper Luigi to Animal Crossing Snap, here’s 7 Nintendo Mashups that need to happen!

Paper Luigi - Nintendo Mashup Games
Paper Luigi
Paper Luigi is probably the only game on this list that has a chance of actually happening. It would probably end up being more like Paper Luigi’s Mansion, since Nintendo really loves to torture Luigi by only giving him the leading role in games when they involve his biggest fear – ghosts. Either way, we’d love to see an other installment in the Paper series, and Paper Luigi would be a really refreshing twist, though let’s be real – any other character getting a Paper game would be an instant MUST HAVE.

Super Princess Peach 2: Rosalina's Journey
Super Princess Peach: Rosalina’s Journey
Taking the world of Mario Galaxy to the small screen of the 3DS, Rosalina’s Journey would follow similar gameplay to Super Princess Peach. Except Rosalina would use star bits, Lumas, and her trusty star wand to defeat enemies, rather than just emotions. Super Princess Peach is extremely underrated – and it’s about time another Nintendo Princess gets a leading role.

Super Mario Galaxy Kart - Nintendo Mashup Games
Super Mario Galaxy Kart
Okay, so we’re really into Mario Galaxy. But Super Mario Galaxy Kart seems like a total no-brainer. It could take the anti-gravity elements they added in Mario Kart 8 to the next level. Imagine this: instead of gliding to different parts of the track you could drive through a Launch Star to drive from planet to planet. You’d of course get to play as Mario, but other racers could include Lumas, Rosalina, Gearmo, Star Bunnies, Whittles, and more – making it much more Galaxy-esque.

Animal Crossing Snap - Nintendo Mashup Games
Animal Crossing Snap
Since Nintendo seems to be open to introducing new fun ways to play Animal Crossing (aka Happy Home Designer), we thought Animal Crossing Snap would be a perfect addition to the series. Taking the concept of Pokemon Snap – but modernizing it a bit by having your character walk around their town and Tortimer Island using their phone to take pics of specific villagers, plants, gyroids, and more. Sort of like the idea of the tours on the Island in New Leaf where you have a specific task to complete. Maybe they could tie in the Animal Crossing amiibo cards that they’re using for Happy Home Designer, each card could be a different quest!

Super Mario Sunshine: Inkopolis - Nintendo Mashup Games
Super Mario Sunshine: Inkopolis
Mario Sunshine is all about using F.L.U.D.D. to clean up a huge mess. Splatoon is all about MAKING a huge mess. It seems like it only makes sense to pair these two together. We know that Splatoon legend says that the arenas are automatically cleaned up after each level – but they don’t say how. What if Mario and F.L.U.D.D. were the cleaning crew? What if all of Inkopolis was covered not just in ink – but paint, graffiti, and other things that could only be cleaned with the help of our favorite mustachioed hero? Maybe this is just our sad attempt to get a Mario Sunshine amiibo, or maybe it would be a great game!

Wario and Walugi: Partners in Crime - Nintendo Mashup Games
Wario and WaLuigi: Partners in Crime
Somehow we have made it to the year 2015 without a game starring Wario and Waluigi. Sure, Wario has had a few WarioWare games and platformers in his day, but all Waluigi has ever done is play sports, party, and go racing. While that sounds like a pretty sweet life, it’s time for the boys to team up and take over the world in the hilarious yet slightly creepy way that only Wario and Waluigi can do. We’ve given games to Peach, Toad, Yoshi, and even Bowser has shared the spotlight a bit. Luigi got an entire YEAR dedicated to him. The time for Wario and Waluigi is NOW.

Legend of Zelda 3D Land - Nintendo Mashup Games
Legend of Zelda 3D Land
We went a little Mario heavy in this list, mostly because there’s just so many great mashup ideas that come from the 30 year old world of the Mushroom Kingdom. But now it’s time for another epic legend to take over. Link! The Legend of Zelda 3D Land would bring Hyrule to life in a whole new way. The magic of a platformer like Mario, but taking place in world of the Zelda games seems like an obvious choice – yet Nintendo has never really gone down this path. (other than Adventure of Link – but that’s so 27 years ago!) It’d make a great game for the WiiU and would be a really fun way to bring even more gamers into the land of Hyrule. We know that 3D Land is a 3DS title, but for Link’s first 3D adventure – we figured we’d cut him some slack and have him save the Land instead of the World. Plus – Hyrule just felt more land-y.

That seems like a good place to end our fantasy Nintendo Mashups, don’t you think? We’d love to see another “Hey You” installment too, but we’re probably the only ones on Earth, so we left it off the list. Imagine Hey You: Yoshi. Or Isabelle?! The world of Nintendo is full of adorable characters we’d love to adopt – Hey You: Pikachu style. Nintendo, you’ve got your work cut out for you – so get to it!

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