How to Channel Your Inner Mega Princess

“Mega Princess” by Kelly Thompson is one of our absolute favorite comics of the moment (and possibly ever). Back in July when BOOM! Studios first announced it, we shared some info about this adorable new series. Now that we’re a few issues deep, we know one thing for sure – you guys will totally love this comic and totally relate to Princess Max.

How to Channel Your Inner Mega Princess
Even if you’re not usually a reader of comics, give this one a chance. It’s colorful, quirky, and will have you rolling on the floor laughing at it’s sassy sense of humor and relatable awkwardness. For those of you who’ve already placed Max at the top of your list of favorite characters, here’s how you can learn from her story, embrace your weird, and channel your inner Mega Princess.

How to Channel Your Inner Mega Princess:

How to Channel Your Inner Mega Princess

Get yourself a stylish blue trench coat:

To make the ultimate Mega Princess transformation, try mimicking Max’s look. Detective by day, princess only when she’s forced to, Maxine prefers her favorite trench coat to her poofy princess dresses.

Pull your hair into some messy pigtails, pop on some khakis, and grab your totally worn but favorite pair of sneaks. Voila! You’re a Mega Princess in training! And hey, if you prefer dresses to trench coats – you do you. A true Mega Princess is true to herself.

How to Channel Your Inner Mega Princess

Turn up the sass:

Okay, still be like, respectful and stuff, but the powers of sarcasm never hurt anyone. Yes, that’s a real thing. Just ask Justine, aka Jerk Pony, aka Max’s royal steed. Quick wit and sarcasm might not be very princess-like, but sometimes they can help you out of a sticky situation. Plus, jokes!

How to Channel Your Inner Mega Princess

Embrace your inventive, creative side:

Max loves creating imaginative inventions, like the awesome saddle she created for her pony. She thinks participating in horse riding competitions are totally boring, so she used her creativity to spice things up a bit. Sure, she hasn’t exactly figured out how to engineer those cardboard wings to fly just yet, but she’s working on it.

When you’re in not-so-fun situation, there’s always a positive or creative spin you can put on things to bring a little life into your boring day. 

How to Channel Your Inner Mega Princess

Get yourself a punk rock Fairy Godmother:

Or maybe just a mentor. Or a best friend. Or someone to look up to. Whoever it is, just make sure they’re a little more helpful than Amber. She didn’t even read the Fairy Godmother handbook! She DID give Max the power of all the princesses ever, so maybe she’s not so terrible.

How to Channel Your Inner Mega Princess

Speaking of which, use your princess powers:

We’re not talking about the definition of “princess” that describes the mean girl in your class – stuck-up and kinda damsel-y. No, we’re talking about your true princess powers. Princesses with a sense of adventure, a streak of bravery, and great instincts. Princesses full of kindness, modesty, and the ability to feel a pea through 20 layers of mattress.

At first glance, that one doesn’t seem so useful, but what if it was a metaphor for being observant and paying attention to detail? That’s a pretty solid life skill, especially for a future detective. One thing Max learns from her newfound princess abilities is to admit when she’s wrong. That’s a pretty legit quality for anyone to have, TBH. We think being a princess is open to interpretation – make it mean whatever you want it to mean!

How to Channel Your Inner Mega Princess

Stay true to your passions and who you are:

Max spends her days up in her treehouse, dreaming of being the world’s greatest detective. Her parents don’t fully understand it, but as long as Max takes care of her princessly duties, they let her be the detective she knows she was born to be. Sometimes our parents and friends don’t always understand the things we care about, but that doesn’t make it wrong to like them.

Whether you want to be an expert detective, a YouTube star, a Michelin starred chef, or an astronaut, follow that big heart of yours. Just make sure to balance your other priorities, like homework and family obligations, in there somewhere.

How to Channel Your Inner Mega Princess

Make a New Friend:

Max and Justine don’t exactly get along at first. Max hates riding Justine, but once Max gains the ability to talk to animals, things start to turn around. Sure, they still bicker like crazy – but as they spend more time together on their journey, they slowly start to understand each other.

Our advice to you: make a new friend. Sit next to the kid at lunch who’s usually alone. Pair up with a different partner on a science project. Getting to know someone new helps you understand the similarities and differences that we all share. Seeing the world through someone else’s eyes will help you keep an open mind and teach you so much about who you are.

How to Channel Your Inner Mega Princess

Follow your curiosity and adventurous spirit:

You’ll never learn anything if you don’t ask questions and you’ll never do anything if you’re too scared to get off the couch. One of Max’s downfalls can sometimes be her snap-judgement and her constant acting before thinking things through, but it also means she’s super brave and ready to take on a challenge. True Mega Princesses know how to think things through but also think on their feet. They live to explore the world around them.

Seeing the world through the camera on your iPhone isn’t quite the same as really seeing it. Snap a pic for the memories and then get out there and let that free spirit run wild. You won’t believe the things you’ll learn about the world and yourself in the process. Plus, you might end up turning into a mermaid. Just don’t get locked up in sea jail.

How to Channel Your Inner Mega Princess

Never give up:

Max has her moments of doubt while searching for her missing brother and that’s totally normal. But she never lets it get the best of her. The story still has a few issues left (#3 is out today, FYI), but we have a good feeling that Max is going to find her brother, learn some valuable lessons about being a true princess, and prove to everyone that her detective skills are just as valuable as traditional princess skills.

How can YOU translate that into the real world? Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Try until you feel like you can’t try anymore, and then try harder. If something is challenging you, look at it from another perspective. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There’s always a way to channel your flaws into qualities you can use to your advantage and there’s always a solution, even if it’s not always visible the first time around. 

How to Channel Your Inner Mega Princess
Now that you know how to channel your inner Mega Princess, why not read the series? Issue #3 is out today, so head to your favorite comic book store and stock up on any issues you’ve missed. You won’t be disappointed – it’s hilarious, fun, and full of so much heart. For more comics to add to your to-read pile, click here.

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