YAYOMG Book Bingo 2017

Some of you live to read, others need a little inspiration to hit their reading goals. Whether you’re the kid who spends their days snuggled up against the stacks in the library or the kid who won’t read something unless there’s pictures, we’ve got a really fun way for you to rock your TBR piles this year.

YAYOMG Book Bingo 2017! 

YAYOMG Book Bingo 2017

So how do you do this whole Book Bingo thing, anyway? It’s not hard, we promise:

YAYOMG Book Bingo 2017 - Step One
Print, download, or save our bingo board. 
Printing a copy out is the easiest way to mark off spaces, but saving it to your phone makes for an easy reference while you’re at the book store or library picking out your next read. Pin it to your corkboard. Washi it into your locker. Do whatever works for you and will remind you to keep reading all year.

YAYOMG Book Bingo 2017 - Step Two
Read books!
You can read books that intentionally line up with the spaces on our bingo board or just read whatever you want and see if there’s a way you can match it up with something later. There’s no wrong way to do it, really. If you complete a bingo, try for another or try to get a blackout by filling the whole card (24 books). 

YAYOMG Book Bingo 2017 - Step Three
Mark your progress!
If you read a book that matches up with one of the book bingo squares, cross it off. Some fun ideas for marking off your board – Use stickers or glitter glue. Write the name of the book you read inside the square. Print out a mini version of the book cover and tape/glue it on the board. Write down all your progress in a reading journal or just make a list.

YAYOMG Book Bingo 2017 - Step Four
We want to see you in action!
Post pictures of your bingo board by using #yayomgbookbingo. Show us the progress you’re making, show off a completed board, or just show us what you’re reading. If you share a completed bingo, full board (blackout), or 4 corners, we’ll share your image on our Instagram account (@yayomgblog) for all the world to see.

YAYOMG Book Bingo 2017 - Rules
1. You have to actually read the books in order to mark off a space. You can read a brand new book, re-read a favorite, read something published in a different year, or use something you read at school, but you MUST read them yourself and read them this year. No cheating! The book fairies will know.

2. You can only use a book ONCE per bingo board. If a book you read can fit on multiple squares, pick the one you think you’ll be least likely to be able to mark off again with future reads.

3. You must complete your board during 2017. 2018 will bring a new year, new books, and a new bingo board.

Need help completing your board or figuring out what to read next? Each time we post a book review on our site, we’ll let you know if it works for any of the spaces on the YAYOMG Book Bingo board.

YAYOMG Book Bingo 2017
You can also peep our list of the 13 Books We’re Dying to Read in 2017 if you need a place to start. Every book on that list works for the “2017 New Release” and “Heard About on YAYOMG” squares. You can definitely find reads on that list for “Book About Middle School”, “Gave You Feels”, and “Female Author” and “Made You LOL” as well. For a book you might have missed in 2016, our Super Duper Official Book Awards can help with that.

The adorable YAYOMG star in the middle of the board is a free space, so feel free to cross that one off right now without having to read anything at all. Go you! Ready to get started on your 2017 reading journey? Hit up our Books section for ideas on what to read!

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