POLL: Who’s Your Fav Pig Goat Banana Cricket Character?

Pig Goat Banana Cricket aired two episodes this weekend and they more than exceeded the hype! We’ll be riding this hype train all the way to next week’s episode! If you haven’t watched yet, check out our other Pig Goat Banana Cricket post for a clip and a little more about the show.

In the meantime, now that we’ve finally seen what the show is all about and gotten a feel for the characters, we thought it might be fun to dive in a little deeper into each character and see who everyone’s favorite is so far!

Pig Goat Banana Cricket - Nickelodeon
Pig is definitely the Patrick Star of this gang of friends. He’s not very bright, he can barely read, and his lack of common sense tends to cause a lot of problems. He means well though, which makes him easy to love!

Pig Goat Banana Cricket - Nickelodeon
Goat is the artist of the group and she’s also a kick-butt guitar player. She sometimes has an out of control temper which can be a problem. But bonus points because she’s a lady. Yes, we’re allowed to hand out bonus points for that. Stop questioning us!

Pig Goat Banana Cricket - Nickelodeon
Banana is all about pranks and shenanigans. He likes to have a good time and make everyone laugh. He’s a bit lazy and would much rather play video games than do anything responsible like chores or work. He’s also terrified of primates, but if you were a banana, you probably would be too!

Pig Goat Banana Cricket - Nickelodeon
Cricket is a genius inventor and the brains of the group. He’s very responsible and always ends up cleaning up the messes caused by Pig, Goat, and Banana. Just because he’s a little more responsible than the other’s doesn’t mean he’s not fun. He does invent a fudge bubble machine, afterall! We’ll let the Beauty Goo mishap go for now. You think Goat still has that thing living on her butt?

Now for the moment of truth – which character is your favorite? Vote!
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