Aubin and Catherine Bradley Dish on The Really Loud House Season 2

Things are about to get LOUD! The Really Loud House is back for another hilarious season, and we’re catching up with Aubin and Catherine Bradley, who play Luan and Lucy Loud on the show.

Season 2 kicks off tonight on Nickelodeon with an hour-long musical premiere, A Musical to Remember, that is filled with music, over-the-top dance numbers, and memory-erasing jellybeans. The rest of the season starts later this month, on February 28th, when you’ll be able to return to Royal Woods for brand new episodes and the Loud Family chaos you love. Want even more deets about what’s to come? Keep reading because Aubin and Catherine have shared SO many deets!

Group shot of the entire Loud family from The Really Loud House set
(Photo Credit: Nickelodeon)

Aubin and Catherine play sisters Lucy (the mysterious one with a love of all things dark) and Luan (the comedic genius with a flair for the dramatic). The new season dives deeper into their characters, exploring not just how they grow together as sisters but individually as well. Off-screen, their sisterly bond is just as sweet. These two dancers and comedic acting queens love to spend time together, going on vacations, going to concerts, and supporting each other with everything from tricky scenes to homework.

When we asked them a few of their favorite things, Aubin told us she loves “cobalt blue, ostriches, Halloween, ski trips and hot chocolate with marshmallows, dancing with my friends, and Taylor Swift,” while Catherine‘s favs are “powder blue, kangaroos, Christmas Eve, tropical vacations, bikinis, and laughing with my friends.”

Get to know Aubin and Catherine Bradley as they dish on The Really Loud House, channeling their super unique characters, and how they support each other as sisters!

Get to Know Aubin and Catherine Bradley:

Catherine Bradley in a red dress
(Image Credits: Photographer: Emily Assiran, Hair: Marco Santini, Make-up: Jessi Butterfield)

Season 2 of The Really Loud House releases later this month. What can you share about the new season?

CATHERINE BRADLEY: The first season was amazing, and it really started to introduce each of the characters and what makes them special and unique. I know fans are going to love Season 2 even more because we really go deeper into each of the sisters.

After Season 2, you are really going to get to know each of us even better. My character, Luan, the comedian extraordinaire and prankster, starts to really become a teen, maybe meets a special boy (spoiler alert), and does the other typical teen stuff, but of course, in Luan Loud’s unique and hilarious way!  And…the fun dynamic that started in season 1 with Luan and her younger sister Lucy continues!

AUBIN BRADLEY: Cat’s right! Season 2 is really special. My character, Lucy Loud, lover of all dark and supernatural, is also growing up. The cartoon kept the family in a time warp, never really growing up, and our series shows us progressing through time.

In Season 2, Lucy starts to stretch herself, and let’s just say she tries some new things and is open to new types of friends!

The musical episode, A Musical to Remember, releases today! What was it like to tap into your musical talents for this special episode?

AUBIN: Yes, Season 2 kicks off with a special premiere episode, A Musical to Remember, with over 20 songs and dancing. Cat and I have been dancing and singing since we were literally two, so it is fun to use our musical talents in the series, and the fans love the musical episodes.

Cat and I reunite in a tap number that is “Vaudeville” inspired and is just hilarious and was so much fun to film.

CATHERINE: I have tapped since I can remember. It is my favorite form of dance and literally my favorite moment on set in the first season was working with Aubin to create the “tap-off” between our characters, Lucy and Luan. Aubin and I had the most fun choreographing the tap-off together and then filming a scene where we battle by tap dancing.

So, this musical number where we tap is almost a continuation of that battle, but let’s just say it gets a little more violent! Aubin is a beast!

Aubin Bradley sitting at a table resting her head in her hand.
(Image Credits: Photographer: Kelsey Hale, Makeup and Hair: Courtney Hart)

Luan and Lucy are such unique and quirky characters. What is it like to step into their characters and bring them to life?

AUBIN: Playing the role of Lucy Loud is just the best…bringing demons to life, fighting with skeleton sticks, jump-scaring everyone, and doing this with almost no emotion (or at least not letting others see what she is really thinking.) What has also been fun is showing her mischievous side and her loving side.  These are parts of me that I have brought to Lucy in the live-action version. I also have learned to act with the bottom half of my face – my mouth.  You never see my eyes so I have learned to portray a lot with very little!

CATHERINE: So Aubin’s role is really, really cool (I am secretly jelly), but I obviously love Luan! She is such a dynamic person who can go from a total prankster, stand-up comedian, and theatre geek to a master of disguises. There are episodes where the fans did not realize until the very end that I was Peter Built, a truck driver from the deep South with road rage, or Johnny Sleepover, a hobo who travels from sleepover to sleepover.

In portraying Luan, there is a little SNL skit vibe and Lucille Ball inspiration going on, as well as a ton of myself. Bringing a character who is so fun and just so comfortable being true to her quirky self is such a rewarding experience for me.

Catherine Bradley in a red dress and black heels
(Image Credits: Photographer: Emily Assiran, Hair: Marco Santini, Make-up: Jessi Butterfield)

How do you support each other as sisters off-screen?

CATHERINE: Aubin and I have become very close, and we have both learned a lot from each other.  Occasionally, we will help each other out with an audition and especially with schoolwork on set!  Aubin is just a natural at everything, especially acting. When she gets a script, she never over prepares. She just does what comes naturally and that really works for her!  Aubin is also a math genius, so sometimes I help her with Algebra!

AUBIN: We are together all the time and even though Cat is in full teenager mode, she always includes me! On the weekends, we do such fun stuff together and have used this time to explore.

We have skied in Taos, gone to LA to Disneyland, explored Santa Fe, and have gone to Dallas to visit our grandparents and go to concerts. We are sharing all these experiences together, which makes it so much more special. Cat also helps me work scenes. We work scenes together, and she will give me advice, and she is always dead on with her choices.  She can do the most gut-wrenching dramatic scenes and then turn around and impersonate someone and make you literally die laughing until it hurts. She works so hard, and I really look up to her!

What are your biggest dreams/goals for the future?

CATHERINE: I love performing.  My goals are to star in a series like the original Gossip Girl and star in a feature film (maybe win an Oscar if I am dreaming big)!  But I have always wanted to star in a horror film (and make it out alive) like The Conjuring as well as host Saturday Night Live. I also want to return to Broadway. Performing live is an experience that is truly magical!

I also want to learn the directing and production side of the business as well. There are so many amazing stories of strong women out there who dreamed big and I would love to create a production company that produces these types of stories.

AUBIN: I have similar goals to Cat as I would love to continue a career in acting and partner with Catherine and my sister Alex (who is also an actress) on producing content showcasing female stories.  I also would love to be a NASA rocket scientist, so I still have some time to decide. 

I am going to a NASA camp this summer!

Aubin Bradley in a plaid dress looking back over her shoulder
(Image Credits: Photographer: Kelsey Hale, Makeup and Hair: Courtney Hart)

What is something your fans would be surprised to learn about you?

CATHERINE: I love math and physics! I love solving equations. I feel such satisfaction when I am given an impossible problem and I figure it out!

AUBIN: I love sports. I play soccer and especially love running track! I am pretty fast. My best track event is the long jump, where I jump as far as possible into the air from a takeoff point. I am really good at that!

Do you have any words of wisdom you’d like to share with your fans?

CATHERINE: Dream big, and then dream bigger! Maybe this sounds cliché, but I really believe that you can do anything you put your mind to! And stay positive and do what makes you happy. This is your life.  Be you and be happy!

AUBIN: Try everything while you are young! There is such pressure for kids today to specialize, and this is the time when we need to be experimenting and following all of our passions!

And it’s okay to fail – it’s through our failures that we find out who we really are!


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