Nintendo Superlatives

With a slew of new Nintendo games coming out this Fall, we’ve been thinking a lot about what it would be like if the Nintendo characters went to school. Who would always be forgetting their homework? Who would make the honor roll? What would they¬†eat for lunch? What would their class photos look like? We were inspired to come up with a bunch of Nintendo Superlatives that might appear in the Nintendo yearbook! Here’s our picks! (And yes, obviously Mario is Most Likely to Succeed. He’s been to space. He drives a race car. He’s a DOCTOR. Who cares if he occasionally dresses like a cat? So does Taylor Swift!)

Nintendo Superlatives:

Wario - Most Unbearable Farts

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Now that you know which characters would rule the school, why not find out our picks for Nintendo Mashup games that NEED to happen!

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