Nintendo Superlatives

With a slew of new Nintendo games coming out this Fall, we’ve been thinking a lot about what it would be like if the Nintendo characters went to school. Who would always be forgetting their homework? Who would make the honor roll? What would they eat for lunch? What would their class photos look like? We were inspired to come up with a bunch of Nintendo Superlatives that might appear in the Nintendo yearbook! Here’s our picks! (And yes, obviously Mario is Most Likely to Succeed. He’s been to space. He drives a race car. He’s a DOCTOR. Who cares if he occasionally dresses like a cat? So does Taylor Swift!)

Nintendo Superlatives:

Wario - Most Unbearable Farts

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#rancid #whatdidyoueat

Now that you know which characters would rule the school, why not find out our picks for Nintendo Mashup games that NEED to happen!

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