Celebrate 20 Years of Naruto Shippuden With These PLAYMOBIL Figures + GIVEAWAY!

NOTE: We teamed up with PLAYMOBIL for this Naruto Shippuden Giveaway. All opinions are our own; we were under no obligation to give a positive review. Giveaway prizes provided by PLAYMOBIL.

Naruto Shippuden is celebrating a major milestone! PLAYMOBIL’s line of figures from this wildly popular anime series honors the 20th anniversary of this underdog’s journey to becoming a hero!

It doesn’t matter if you’re an anime newbie or a die-hard fan, these new Naruto figs from PLAYMOBIL will help you bring the series to life! Featuring 12 fan-favorite characters, including the legendary hero himself, PLAYMOBIL hasn’t missed a single detail in this celebratory figure collection. Every figure comes dressed in their iconic costume from the animate series and comes with everything from throwing stars to healing gloves so you can re-create your favorite scenes, set off on new adventures, or display these detailed figs on your shelf!

PLAYMOBIL Naruto Shippuden figure inside the product box
(Image via PLAYMOBIL)

We teamed up with PLAYMOBIL to give SIX lucky winners a chance to take home the entire Naruto figure collection! Ready to enter? Grab your favorite adult and have them enter below for your chance to WIN!

PLAYMOBIL Naruto Shippuden Giveaway:

Prize graphic featuring all twelve figures featured in the PLAYMOBIL Naruto Shippuden Giveaway Prize Pack. Fully detailed rules, entry form, & prize info detailed below this image.


SIX (6) lucky winners will receive a PLAYMOBIL Naruto Shippuden Prize Pack that includes all TWELVE (12) Naruto figures. (Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Hidan, Kakuzu, Tobi, Yamato, Sasuke, Kisame, Shizune, Tsunade, & Iruka)
*Prizes provided by PLAYMOBIL


Grab a parent or guardian and have them fill out the form below by March 8, 2023 at 11:59pm ET.

Giveaway runs from 02/22/23 at 12:00 pm ET through 03/08/23 at 11:59 pm. Open to US residents ONLY. Be sure to read the fully detailed rules HERE before entering.


You must be 18 or older to enter. Please, only ONE entry per person. If selected as a winner, we will provide your parent/guardian with an affidavit to confirm that you are a valid winner who has permission to win. They will be REQUIRED to sign and return the affidavit to YAYOMG! to claim your prize. Prizes will NOT be mailed out without signed parental consent.


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