13 LOL-Worthy Minion Mashups

The Minions movie is finally in theaters today! The movie takes us to New York City 42 years BG (Before Gru) to show what life was like for the Minons in the past. They accidentally destroyed all of their old masters, a T-Rex, a vampire, and a variety of others and spent time in Antartica, villainless.

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Since the Minions are born to serve an evil villain, they become depressed and Stuart, Kevin, and Bob head out on a journey to find a new villain to serve. They end up Villain Con in Orlando and meet Scarlett Overkill, one of the worlds best villains. She brings the Minions to London to help her steal the crown from the Queen of England – but knowing the Minions, we’re sure this doesn’t turn out exactly as planned. Some of the Minions stay behind in Antartica and begin to serve a Yeti, which is sure to lead to some hilariously wacky antics!

To get you excited for the Minions movie, we’ve scoured the internet for some super awesome Minion Mashups! From Adventure Time to SpongeBob to One Direction, these mashups are sure to make you LOL!

Minion Mashups Gallery:

Adventure Time - Minion Mashup

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What Time is It? MINION TIME! We can only imagine what kind of crazy adventures the Minions would have in Ooo.

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