Mimi Ryder Shares Her Magical Experience as Young Elsa in Frozen: The Broadway Musical

What could possibly be more magical than stepping into the iconic role of Elsa in Frozen? Taking the stage to perform in Frozen: The Broadway Musical every single night in New York City. That’s the life that actress Mimi Ryder is living, and she’s truly living the dream. We were lucky enough to chat with Mimi about taking on the role of Young Elsa, and we were just totally floored by how passionate and gracious she is. She’s basically an IRL princess!

Mimi Ryder Interview

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Young Elsa isn’t Mimi’s first big role in a Broadway musical. She also took on the role of Matilda! Get to know Mimi Ryder as she shares what it’s like to be a part of Frozen: The Broadway Musical, her favorite part of living in NYC, and her advice for other aspiring actors!

Get to Know Mimi Ryder:


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You’re starring as Young Elsa in Disney’s Frozen: The Broadway Musical. Tell us what it’s like starring in such a magical stage production.
MIMI RYDER: Starring as Young Elsa is a dream come true. Being a Disney Princess was a dream since I was 2. But now being in the show is even more magical than I imagined. While onstage as Young Elsa, I actually have learned stage magic which is really fun. The costumes are beautiful, the role is magical and I love signing, acting, and dancing. Offstage is just as magical because the whole company is like a family and we have so much fun together!

Were you a fan of Frozen before you landed the role?
MIMI: Yes, I had seen the movies a ton of times and loved both Anna and Elsa. In third grade I couldn’t decide which of the princesses I wanted to be so for school I wore my Anna costume and when I went out at night I went as Elsa.

What has been the best part of being a part of Frozen on Broadway? What has been the most challenging?
MIMI: The magical feeling of being in this company both on and off stage I would say is the best part. I also love the message the show sends about sisters and acceptance. The most challenging is I recently learned the role of Young Anna as an emergency backup if needed and keeping the roles separated in my mind was a new and fun challenge.


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Since you’re playing young Elsa, we have to know – what are your feelings on snow?
MIMI: I love snow!!! I love playing in the snow, I love skiing and I love the magical feeling you get when you see the world covered in a white blanket after a fresh heavy snowfall. love living in NY and going to Central Park during a snow storm because it is truly magical

When you’re having a hard day, how do you just Let it Go?
MIMI: When I am having a hard day I like to take a walk with my mom and talk about what was hard about the day. Usually after a walk and talking about the struggles and challenges I am faced with, I then realize it wasn’t so hard and feel better having talked about it.

How did you first discover your interest in acting?
MIMI: I was in my second grade play as the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz and absolutely loved the feeling of being a part of a play. I also always loved performing in my dance recitals. I like to portray different characters. It’s interesting and fulfilling to me. When the roles are drastically different from my personality, I find it thrilling! When my mom and Grandma took me to see Matilda I was sure I needed to be part of that. I begged my mom to let me audition and amazingly I booked the title role off my open call!!


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What are some of your favorite things to do in NYC?
MIMI: I love walking everywhere. I really love going to the garment district and looking at fabrics, I love fashion and design. There are so many great parks too in NYC, especially Central Park! So much culture. I feel lucky to live in the city that never sleeps!

What is a goal you have for the future?
MIMI: I really hope to keep acting, singing, and dancing either on Broadway or in TV/Film; I am happiest when I am doing that!

What advice can you share with other girls who have big Broadway dreams like yours?
MIMI: Always be yourself and follow your dreams, if you want something you can get it!! Never get discouraged if you don’t get a role because if you keep working you will find the perfect one! And most of all be kind, because sending positive out will always bring positive back to you!!

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