Launchasaurus is Gloriously Weird

Is there anything better than dinosaurs? What if you could use dino bones to create any kind of weird dino you wanted and then toss it around recklessly for points and profit? That’s what Launchasaurus is all about! It’s a brand new mobile game from SFB Games, the geniuses behind Haunt the House. Check out the trailer here.

In a game that’s basically Curling (You know, that weird sport in Canada where they use brooms to push giant rocks around?) combined with paleontology, it’s up to you to help Professor Pixaxe and Dr. Dodo create dinosaurs out of the fossils they dig up. You can create any type of dino you want, so make it weird. Real weird. The only requirement is that the dino have a skull.

If you’re just in it for the LOLs, you’ll enjoy building super bizarre dinos and flinging them around to your heart’s content. If you’re in it for the points, you’ll definitely want to put a little more strategy behind your builds by creating dinos that work best with the layout of the current board. When you’re done building the dinosaur of your dreams, fling it upward into the game board. The big white star in a circle is the target. You’ll want your dino (and as many eggs as possible) to be in, or at least touching this area. The big scary red skull? He’s a lava monster who’ll eat you and your future offspring, so avoid him at all costs.

If you can, collect the little green star coins that are floating around the board. They’re what you need in order to fund your future digs. Digs allow you to discover new fossils and bones that you can use to customize your dinos. When you collect new bones, head on over to the museum to swap out your bone setup, which is the little menu of available bones at the bottom of the screen while you play. Make sure you read all the names of the dinosaurs – they’re hilarious. The bones actually serve a purpose, other than providing your dino with limbs. They each have a special ability – some add a coin multiplier, others are heavy, giving the dino maximum impact when knocking into other objects.
You’ll fling 3 times per round until you get eaten by the lava dino. The fun part about losing? You get to create your own mini comic using your weird little dino pals before continuing the game. Yay losing!

While the game is free to play, funding a Mega Dig for .99 lets you pick and choose the bones you want, rather than getting them randomly. You can also view an ad to earn 10 coins, which, lucky for you, is exactly how much a regular dig costs!

Launchasaurus is now available on iOS and Android devices!

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