Ripley Sobo and Kobi Frumer Dish About The Punisher, Working Together, and Their Future Goals

Marvel fanatics may recognize Ripley Sobo and Kobi Frumer from their roles on the new Netflix series, The Punisher. They play siblings Leo and Zach Lieberman, the son and daughter of legendary hacker, Micro, an ally of Frank Castle. Joining the Marvel universe at such a young age is pretty impressive, but it’s not the first time that Kobi and Ripley have dazzled the world with their acting talents.

Ripley got her start on Broadway, landing the role of Matilda at just 8 years old. Kobi has appeared on Kids React and currently voices Blaine on the popular Nick Jr. series, Nella and the Princess Knight. We have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the future, too!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Ripley and Kobi about their work on The Punisher, their favorite thing about working together, and dreams they have for the future.

Get to Know Ripley Sobo and Kobi Frumer:


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Ripley, you play Leo Lieberman on the new Marvel Netflix series, The Punisher. What’s the best part about working on the show?

RIPLEY SOBO: The cast, crew, and creatives. It was like a family. We’d eat together and even hang out when not working. My mom would make cookies and we all loved that! Also, I got to be a character who was good at building and fixing things. I had to learn how to use a few plumbing tools for a scene and I really liked it. It showed me that I can try something different.

If you could play a Marvel superhero, who would you choose?

KOBI FRUMER: Captain America is my all-time favorite superhero because he is such a selfless character.

RIPLEY: My favorite superpower is speed! I love running fast. So, my favorite superhero would be Quicksilver. I also like that Quicksilver has a twin. I think having a twin would be awesome!!


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Kobi, we saw on your Instagram that you were at the Nintendo World Championships. Tell us a little about that experience.

KOBI: It was a great experience seeing some of the greatest Nintendo gamers playing the games I love, and of course, playing so much better than I ever could.

Ripley, back in 2014, you starred as Matilda in the Matilda musical. Any dreams of heading back to Broadway?

RIPLEY: Of course!! Broadway is my home. That’s where I started. I’d love the opportunity to be in another show.

Interview with Ripley Sobo and Kobi Frumer
What’s something your fans might not know about you?

KOBI: I may sound like a dork, but I love math- and I’m already a year ahead in math at school. I’m truly fascinated by it.

RIPLEY: That I tend to be easily distracted and that I love old sitcoms. Right now I’m watching Friends and I can’t get enough!!! 

You often support girl-power fueled events like International Day of the Girl and the Teen Vogue Summit. Can you share a little on why events like these are important to you?

RIPLEY: They’re important because I’m not always the most confident person and I feel that girls need to find a way to support one another. Not tear each other down. I’m in Middle School and it can be really hard. There’s insecurities, jealousies, and competition. It really doesn’t need to be that way. So, if I can be a small voice in helping to foster girl for girl support and show that we all have some doubt and that it doesn’t define our capabilities, then that’s important to me. #EveryDayEveryGirl Deserves 2B Educated, Supported, Inspired, Fed and Safe. These are things that are really important to me.


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What’s your favorite thing about working with each other?

KOBI: She’s (Ripley) like a sister to me in real life too, and we became best friends. We get along so great. I love working with her, and I hope I get to work with Ripley again very soon. Did I mention she’s an amazing actor too!

RIPLEY: Kobi’s great!! He’s really like a little brother. We have a lot of fun together. When we started the show he was shorter than I am. Now he’s a giant!

What are your biggest dreams or goals for the future?

KOBI: I would love to have more opportunities in the superhero and comic world with a Marvel or DC production. I also hope the acting gigs keep rolling in because I love what I’m doing.  I also hope to attend as many Comic Cons as possible. You can see me at Albuquerque Comic Con on January 12-14. I’ll be signing autographs and taking selfies with the fans. I can’t wait to meet everyone!

RIPLEY: I’d love to play volleyball in college. I’m barely 5′ tall and I only started playing last September, but I’ve already been the libero on my first travel team and hope to be for my team this year. My school makes you play a sport. Since my mom was a volleyball player I decided to play. I’ve never been really athletic, but I found something I’m passionate about and it makes all the difference. I train really hard. I’d also like to be an EGOT winner. (Being an EGOT winner means that you’ve won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, AND a Tony – there are only twelve actors who’ve achieved it –  it’s a HUGE accomplishment!)

Interview with Ripley Sobo and Kobi Frumer

Do you have any advice you can share for kids out there who dream of getting into acting?

RIPLEY: Don’t give up! Practice a lot!! Find other people who share your passion and support each other. Have lots of fun! 

KOBI: Go for it. Follow your dreams. But just know, it’s a job – it’s hard work. If you love it – it’s worth it!

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