Meet Gabrielle and Brittney, Sisters and Founders of the Frosting Company

Gabrielle and Brittney Flank are two sisters with their own beauty business and a passion for giving back. Their story goes back to when Gabrielle was just 10 years old. While battling Leukemia, Gabrielle and her sister Brittney started reading the labels of their beauty products and learning a lot more about what ingredients they were using on their skin. Their discovery? There are lots of harsh chemicals out there that can be irritating and damaging for everyone, not just a person battling cancer.

That’s when the idea for the Frosting Company was born. Flash forward to now, these two sisters have a growing product line made with safe, natural ingredients featuring adorable bath fizzies, fragrant lotion sticks, and more!

Frosting Company Interview

Photo Courtesy of Frosting Company

Motivated by their own experiences, Gabrielle and Brittney donate a portion of their proceeds to help find a cure for childhood cancer. After facing a huge life-changing obstacle that they turned from a negative into a positive, they now use their successes to help girls feel good about themselves as well as help those in need. They’re even extending their kindness to YAYOMG! readers. Use code YAYOMG! when you check out on the Frosting Company website and get a complimentary bath fizzie with your purchase!

These sisters are proof that you can take on anything and make your dreams come true with a little hard work, determination, and a positive outlook. Get to know Brittney and Gabrielle as they chat about the story of how they built their business, the challenges they’ve faced along the way, and their plans for the future!

Meet Gabrielle and Brittney Flank – Sisters & Founders of Frosting Company:

Frosting Company Interview

Photo Courtesy of Frosting Company

The story behind Frosting Company and how you girls got your start is so inspiring. Do you mind sharing a little about what first sparked the idea?

BRITTNEY FLANK: We’ve always had a passion for bath and beauty products.
GABRIELLE FLANK: Because of my cancer diagnosis my skin became very sensitive. One day Brittney and I were reading the back of ingredients labels and were shocked to find out what was actually in the beauty products we were using so we decided to make our own.

What is like working together as sisters? What are your roles in the business?

GABRIELLE: It is a really great opportunity to work together as sisters. We know each other very well and are able to play off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I enjoy more of the creative side, formulating new products, designing the packaging and labels.
BRITTNEY: I enjoy working on social media, marketing, and promotion. Gabrielle and I make a really great team!

Tell us a little about how you bring a new product to life. What’s the process behind transforming your ideas into fully developed products that are ready to sell?

GABRIELLE: There is definitely a lot behind developing a new product and bringing it to store shelves. First, it starts with developing the concept behind the product. Then we work on the formulation, packaging, labeling, and promotion. It is definitely a process and it is so amazing seeing the product come to life!

Frosting Company Interview

Photo Courtesy of Frosting Company, Bubble Gum Unicorn Bath Fizzie

Frosting Company is all about giving back, tell us a little about how you’re using your business for good.

BRITTNEY: It is really important for us to give back. Childhood cancer research is something near and dear to our hearts since Gabrielle is a cancer survivor. We donate a portion of our proceeds to find a cure for childhood cancer.

GABRIELLE: We also want to show people that they can take a negative experience and turn it into a positive.

What are some challenges you’ve faced while working to grow your business?

GABRIELLE: At first people didn’t take us seriously because of how young we are. They assumed it was more of a hobby than an actual business. Another challenge I faced was balancing school, work, and friends. Once we were able to build credibility, people embraced our vision!

BRITTNEY: From the beginning, we always had a clear vision of where we saw the Frosting Company going. We continue to set goals for ourselves and work to inspire others to accomplish their dreams.

How do you balance school, fun, and your work on the Frosting Company?

GABRIELLE: At first it was a process but I learned that time management is key! I plan out my schedule to have time for school, time with friends, and time for the Frosting Company.

Frosting Company Interview

Photo Courtesy of Frosting Company, Cotton Candy Bath Sprinkles

Who is someone that inspires you?

GABRIELLE: Someone that has always inspired us both is our parents. They have always been there for us and have told us that we can achieve our goals by putting our minds to it.

BRITTNEY: They are so supportive and continue to be an inspiration!

Do you have any new items in the works that you can tell us about?

GABRIELLE: We constantly have products in research and development that we hope to release soon!

You’ve already overcome cancer and started your own business all before graduating high school. What big plans do you have for the future?

GABRIELLE: Ever since I was very young one of my life goals has been to write a book. I have a passion for writing and would love to be a published author. I have learned that age is just a number and you are never too young or too old to accomplish your dreams!

Frosting Company Interview

Photo Courtesy of Frosting Company, Sugar Cookie Lip Scrub

What advice can you share with other girls your age that hope to become entrepreneurs?

GABRIELLE: Go for your dreams, set goals to achieve those dreams and accomplish them! You can do anything as long as you have a passion, drive and a clear vision. Everyone has the ability to make their dreams a reality!

BRITTNEY: Age is just a number! You can accomplish anything you want to in life. No dream is too big or too small, go for it!

We hope that Gabrielle and Brittney’s experiences and advice help encourage lots of girls to follow their dream of starting their own businesses. If you loved hearing the story behind the Frosting Company, we think you’ll love getting to know Fiona Frills, teen influencer and creator of Frilliance!

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