31 Reactions We Had During the New Descendants 2 Promo

The past few days have basically been wicked Christmas for Descendants fans. Disney Channel dropped a new Descendants 2 promo on Saturday that gave fans the tease they’ve been dying for. 

Today they spent the day teasing fans on Twitter and Insta with a piece by piece look at the very first (gorgeous) poster featuring our beloved VK’s. They say a 2nd poster is coming soon – we’d place our bets on it featuring Uma, Harry, and Gil. Or maybe a bigger cast shot like we got last year with the villains and their parents?

Either way, all of this exciting new info has us shouting LONG LIVE EVIL from the rooftops. 

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions
Watch the Descendants 2 promo here, so you can follow along and react with us. 

31 Reactions We Had During the New Descendants 2 Promo:

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions1. Mal you guys. MAL. BERTHA. IS. BACK.
2. Do you think any of the other villains have equally hilarious middle names?
3. Her hair tho. We love it. Also Evie has clearly shown her some dope new makeup tips.
4. We know it’s controversial in the fandom, but this is supposed to be like 2 years later. Have you not changed your hair in the past 2 years? It’s unreasonable for us to assume that a teenage girl would never change her hair?
5. Plus, Disney gotta sell that merch to afford D3! 

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions6. Evieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! *fangirling*
7. This music is intense. Is it possible the Descendants 2 soundtrack will be even better than the original? What are we even saying right now?!

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions
8. Jay. With a sword. Ready to get his swashbuckle on! Such focus, sensei.

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions9. Carlos! He looks mad. Maybe someone just told him they’re out of chocolate?
10. Why is this all in slow motion? Is that someone’s evil villain power? Slow motion twirl scenes?

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions11. UM. That DCOM logo is FIRE. ????????????

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions12. Oh wait. ACTUAL fire. Why is there fire? MAL ARE ARE YOU OKAY? Can you control fire now? Did you start a trash fire when you went back to the Isle? Don’t get burned, girl.

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions13. Evie. Can we have chat? Your fashion sketches are falling all around and it looks like lovely confetti but you might wanna grab those in case you need them later? It looks like you were designing something pretty fierce there?

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions14. No? Okay. NBD. It was just a suggestion.

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions15. Jay! Okay we’re like lowkey obsessed with this teaser already and it’s not even over yet.

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions16. OMG who’s this guy? Is this Harry or GilOMG IT’S BEN.
17. Are we the only ones who think Ben should stay this way forever? We know the moral of these stories is that good always trumps evil, but evil fashion > royal fashion. Sorry.

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions18. Carlos has some mad skills. Can we get a breakdance scene in D2, please?

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions19. Mal’s new outfit is seriously goals. Look at it! We can’t wait to make a new series of lookbooks for this movie. Complete with 57 studded belts. We promise. (Okay maybe just like 3?)
20. THAT SMILE. Dove is just the cutest.

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions21. Do all villains just naturally know how to wield a sword? Is fencing a required class at Auradon Prep? Seems feasible right? 

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions22. This teaser needs more Dizzy. CAN WE GET SOME DIZZY LOVE? She’s just so tiny and presh.

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions23. OMG IT’S DUDE. GUYS. DUUUDEEE. We can’t even!

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions24. Look how happy Carlos is to hug his pup!!!!!! SO. CUTE.
25. This is the greatest moment of our entire lives, hands down.
26. Okay but Jay flipping really solidifies it, we NEED some breakdancing in this movie. Or maybe just some more villainous parkour, a la the “Rotten to the Core” scene in the original.

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions
27. Ahh our favorite 4 VK’s all together! Apple, anyone? Wait, no. Those are probably filled with poison. Pro Tip: Never accept an apple from a villain, even if they’re reformed. Just in case.
28. Ugh, still loving that new logo. The tentacles!

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions29. U. M. A.
30. You know this chick means business. Ya’ll better watch your poor unfortunate souls, she’s coming for them.
31. Is it over? Why are promos only 30 seconds long? WE NEED MORE!

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster Reactions
Since there wasn’t nearly enough Uma for our tastes, gaze upon her awesomeness above. So cool. Look at her just looking like she could steal your voice and crush your dreams at any moment. 

Descendants 2 Promo and Poster ReactionsThere’s also a few new details about the story. Mal’s having a rough time dealing with the need to be perfect all the time and having to live up to the goodness of Auradon, so she heads back to the Isle of the Lost to get in touch with her rotten roots.

When she arrives, she finds that Uma, her #1 nemesis, has taken Mal’s place as most wicked. She’s running the show along with her sidekicks Harry and Gil, and Mal doesn’t like it one bit. To make matters worse, Uma is jealous that she wasn’t chosen to go to Auradon Prep, so she’s also plotting to lead ALL the villains to Auradon to take over and get their revenge.

When Ben finds out that Mal headed back to the Isle, he recruits Carlos, Jay, and Evie to help him get her back. Since he’ll need to blend in, he’ll need to get an evil makeover (which you know is courtesy of Evie and will make for a killer montage). 

Sounds pretty exciting! We can’t wait to find out what happens and what songs they’ll be performing during the movie. Ahh we just couldn’t be more excited for Summer! Need more Descendants in your life? We got you. Click here for quizzes, lookbooks and more!

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