Clarence: Rest Stops is Headed Our Way This December

Clarence and the gang are headed on a super comic fun road trip this winter!

Clarence: Rest Stops
Published by KaBoom!, Clarence: Rest Stops is a one-off comic full of short little mini-stories. These stories are not part of the main Clarence comic storyline, but rather a collection of shorts that take place during Clarence’s family road trips. When the family make pit stops during their trip, that’s when the fun truly begins! Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo go on all sorts of adventures, and each pit stop will get its own story inside this special issue.

Clarence: Rest Stops
Sounds like this issue will be jam packed with all the weirdness and fun we’re used to from Clarence and the gang! Mark your calendars, you can grab your copy of Clarence: Rest Stops on December 2nd!

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