Candy Raid: Your Trick-or-Treat Party Anthem Has Arrived!

Round up your zombies, werewolves, and witches – because it’s time for a totally crazy sugar rush! Candy Raid is the epic Halloween anthem you’ve always dreamed of, and it’s perfect for blasting loudly at your Halloween party or to hype you up for a long night of trick-or-treating. What are you waiting for? Watch here as Jetta trains for the big night, sings her heart out about her favorite candy, and rounds up all her friends for an unforgettable candy raid.

The gang at fully understands your deep love of sugary sweets, which is why they wrote a song all about it. Candy Raid’s fun beat and sugar-fueled lyrics are fun to sing and dance along to, but they’re also chock full of trick-or-treat wisdom. For the most efficient candy collecting, you’ll want to gather up all your friends. The more friends that come along mean more candy swapping at the end of the night! Be quick and efficient. The less time you spend at each house, the more ground you can cover! Don’t be an amateur – comfy shoes are a MUST so you don’t get worn out.

Candy Raid -

Need something to boost morale while you’re out scouring the streets for candy? Pull up the song on your phone and get hyped as DJ Poprocks lays down some sweet rhymes. We don’t recommend rolling around in your candy treasure though; you might squish the precious goods!

Candy Raid -

Move over, Monster Mash! There’s a new Halloween party song in town! After you’ve got this deliciously catchy anthem stuck in your head, be sure to hit up the YouTube channel and devour their other awesome videos, like candy taste tests, Halloween slime DIYs, and advice on how to spot a lazy Halloween costume.

Candy Raid -

You can also check out My Jedi Crush, a hilarious song about having an obsessive crush on Obi-Wan Kenobi, the dopest Jedi in the entire galaxy.

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