Here’s Why You’ll LOVE Tamagotchi ON

Note: We received a Tamagotchi ON for free from Bandai in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are our own; we were under no obligation to give a positive review.

Tamagotchi is BACK, and the YAYOMG! squad couldn’t be more excited!

Tamagotchi ON is a brand new Tamagotchi created for a new generation of fans. Back in 1997, when these tiny virtual pets first hit the market here in the US, they were an absolute sensation. To modern-day kids like our readers, they may seem pretty basic, but as kids who grew up on NES games and were just barely on the brink of exploring the internet, these incredible digital creatures completely blew our minds.

Here's Why You'll LOVE Tamagotchi ON
(Image via Bandai)

In a world of smartphones and high-powered gaming consoles, Tamagotchi ON takes things back to simpler times while still stepping up its game and improving on the Tamagotchi of generations past.

Thanks to our friends at Bandai, we were able to go hands-on with Tamagotchi ON before its release. We spent two weeks caring for our virtual pet and exploring all these new Tamagotchi have to offer. Here’s what we loved most about Tamagotchi ON.

Here’s Why We Love Tamagotchi ON:

Here's Why You'll LOVE Tamagotchi ON
(Image via Bandai)

It’s the Most Interactive Tamagotchi Yet:

Tamagotchi ON offers more ways to care for and interact with your Tama than ever before. This new take on the classic virtual pet takes the basic caring tasks you remember from previous generations and brings it to the next level.

Feed your Tama by taking it to a restaurant and try to find their favorite food. Play games together to help boost their happiness and earn Gotchi Points or head to the park for a playdate with other Tamagotchi characters. Take a vacation to the Tama Hotel, go shopping together for new items and accessories, and of course – clean up your Tama’s mess whenever it takes a poop.

We also loved the addition of TamaPets! Try leaving one of your items outside to see if a TamaPet will appear. If one comes by, you’ll be able to keep it and care for it as your own.

Here's Why You'll LOVE Tamagotchi ON
(Image via Bandai)

Connect with Friends:

Not only is there a ton to do one on one with your Tama, but there are also lots of ways to connect with friends, as well as other Tamagotchi players around the world. If someone you know also has a Tamagotchi ON, you two can connect your devices together. Once connected, your Tamas will be able to visit each other, give gifts, and even get married. You can also head out on vacation together!

A Tamagotchi ON app will also be made available when the product officially releases on July 28th. According to Bandai, the app will allow you to participate in seasonal events, play games to earn Gotchi Points, communicate with your friends, find new Tamagotchi characters to marry, and more!

We didn’t have the chance to try out the app or connect to a second device for our review, so we’re looking forward to trying it all out that later this month.

Here's Why You'll LOVE Tamagotchi ON
(Image via Bandai)

So Many Lands to Explore:

Our old school Tamagotchis from the late ’90s were a lot of fun, but they didn’t offer too much in terms of variety. Everything you did with your Tama took place in a single room. That’s not the case with Tamagotchi ON, this new version of the virtual pet encourages you to get out an explore.

We mentioned earlier that you could go to the park, the store, or even on a Tama Hotel vacation – but these aren’t the only locations you can visit. The more you play with your Tama, the more lands you’ll unlock! Each world has a unique look and feel, special items to purchase, foods to try, and games to play. These special areas include Tama Farm, Toy Land, and more!

Depending on which color Tamagotchi ON device you have, you’ll also be able to unlock an exclusive area once you have a 3rd generation Tama. If you have green or purple devices you’ll have access to the Magical Land. If you have the pink or blue devices, you’ll be able to unlock Fairy Land.

Here's Why You'll LOVE Tamagotchi ON
(Image via Bandai)

Grow Your Family Tree:

New to Tamagotchi fans in the US is the ability to marry other Tama characters and grow your family tree.

Each time you interact with a character, your friendship will grow. Check your Tama List to see your friendship status with each of the Tamagotchi you have encountered while playing. If you have a very high friendship level, you can buy a ring at the store and propose or, they might even propose to you.

Our Tama, Lovelitchi, was proposed to by Mametchi at the park! This lead to an adorable proposal and a marriage ceremony that was just so cute to watch. We couldn’t help but feel joy for our newlyweds as they drove by all their friends and family.

Once you arrive home from your wedding ceremony, you’ll discover something special. Your Tama now lives in a cozy little house, and they have made a baby! After they pass the egg back and forth, the baby will hatch, you can give it a name, and raise it as your own. The baby will inherit traits from both the mom and the dad’s characters, making an entirely new breed.

As you continue to raise, marry, and breed your Tamas, you’ll be able to grow your family line and fill your family tree with all sorts of special characters. The possibilities for new breeds are basically endless! We thought the addition of being able to build out a family tree and unlock new Tamas was particularly exciting and added to the replayability quite a bit.

Here's Why You'll LOVE Tamagotchi ON
(Image via Bandai)


We had an absolute blast checking out Tamagotchi ON! We’re excited to continue exploring and unlocking new areas, growing our family tree, and are extremely excited to see what’s possible once the app releases in a few days.

Dying to get your hands on one of these amazing new virtual pets? Tamagotchi ON hits shelves on July 28th, and are now available for pre-order at a variety of retailers like Amazon, Urban Outfitters, GameStop, and more!

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