What Your Favorite Smurfs: The Lost Village Character Says About You

Smurfs: The Lost Village finally hit theaters this past weekend! It’s a super cute adventure filled with lots of laughs and lots of girl power. Even if you didn’t really like the previous Smurfs movies, Smurfs: The Lost Village is worth a watch. It’s a really fun and refreshing take on the Smurfs series. It kept true to the spirit of the classic cartoon while also making it modern and relatable for kids today.

We really loved the way that it encourages people to embrace their uniqueness and always be true to themselves. Sure, that might be a similar message to Trolls – but that’s definitely a message worth hearing more than once! Plus, there was an entire village full amazing female Smurfs who totally brought the girl power and helped Smurfette learn that the best thing she can be is herself! We’re definitely here for that.

Smurfs: The Lost Village - Sony Pictures Animation

Whether you loved the fierce females of Smurfy Grove or you’re more into Hefty’s brawn, the Smurf you relate to most can help you discover a ton of inner truths. Find your favorite Smurf below to what your favorite Smurfs: The Lost Village character says about you!

Smurfs: The Lost Village - Sony Pictures Animation


If Smurfette is your favorite Smurf, it’s safe to say that you’re a total go-getter. Your independent spirit and sassy attitude are just a few of the amazing qualities you have in common with Smurfette. When the other Smurfs leave her questioning her purpose and feeling blue, she uses it as a way to find out who she truly is. You can do this too! (And it’ll likely be a lot easier than taking a journey to a far away Lost Village.) When someone or someone hurts you, use it as a way to learn more about yourself and take charge of the situation.

Feeling like you’ve lost your way? Channel your inner Smurfette and power through until you find your way back or forge a new path. The outcome may surprise you in a way you never expected. Smurfette may be small, but she’s totally fierce. If she can do anything she puts her mind to – you can too! Always channel your positive energy, your curiosity, and your kindness and let them lead the way. You have the power inside you to transform a negative situation into a positive one. Being a Smurfette doesn’t make you an outcast – it makes you totally amazing girl who is capable of anything you put your mind to!

Smurfs: The Lost Village - Sony Pictures Animation

Papa Smurf:

If Papa Smurf is your favorite, you’re definitely a kind and nurturing soul. Your friends probably call you “mom” and look to you for advice when things get tough. You’re always on top of your school work, your schedule, and you’re great at balancing all of your activities without getting burnt out. (We bet you’ve got a bullet journal or a stickered-up planner that you carry along with you in your bag!) Whether you have just a few friends or a whole Smurf Village full of people to care for, you thrive when helping others. You love to connect with old friends and do a daily check-in of how everyone in your life is feeling. Being so in touch with your friends and family makes you a great gift giver and advice giver – you always know exactly what everyone needs. (Just make sure you’re always getting what YOU need too!)

Looking for a way to connect with even more people and make a huge difference? Volunteer your time at animal shelters and love spending time with your Girl Scout troop. You’re a total do-gooder, but that doesn’t mean you’re a goody two-shoes. You’re just a warm and friendly face that oozes positive energy to those around you. It’s a great way to be! 

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If you’ve ever been described as “bubbly, sweet, or a ray of sunshine”, odds are you’re a lot like Blossom. Your positive attitude is infectious and your smile can brighten even someone’s worst day. Your friends live for your warm hugs and your vibrant personality. Like Blossom, you’re the type of person who sees every stranger as a potential new friend. You always tell the cashier at Starbucks to have a wonderful day and when you have the extra cash, you even pay for the drink of the person behind you. You’re grateful for everything and everyone in your life, and you try hard to appreciate every experience (even the bad ones) as a way to learn and grow. You’re the life of every party and you’re filled with endless energy.

Sometimes your energy can be a downfall – you can be hyper and have a hard time focusing. If you can find a way to channel that energy into something useful, like homework or a creative project, you’ll go super far and make all your dreams come true. Keep those positive vibes flowing for you and everyone around you!

Smurfs: The Lost Village - Sony Pictures Animation


Are you a fan of Hefty? That makes you a strong person both inside and out. Hefty’s physical strength makes him extremely useful around the Smurf Village, but there’s much more to him than brawn and strength. We know you know you’re more than just your best talent or physical feature. Maybe you’re a super strong Smurf who secretly has a sensitive and caring side. Or maybe you’re an amazing singer who secretly loves solving math problems. If you hide any part of who you are due to insecurities, you’ll always be left with missed opportunities. That talent you keep hidden might actually be your very best one.

Each part of your personality can open doors for you – it can allow you to explore new places, make new friends, or even attend the school of your dreams. You’ll also always feel much more comfortable in your own skin when you’re being authentically yourself. Learn from Hefty’s experience – the other Smurfs in the Village love him for both his big muscles AND his big heart!

Smurfs: The Lost Village - Sony Pictures Animation


If you love Melody, we have a feeling you’re a music fanatic. You feel most at home in your favorite band tee and you spend more time at concerts than anywhere else. You’re a total party animal and you’re always the first to volunteer to DJ at the school dance. Everyone knows that when they need a recommendation for a new song or band – you’re the ONLY one to ask. When you have to do something you’re not too excited about (babysitting your annoying little brother, cleaning your room, etc.), you can make it tolerable by making a playlist to get yourself hyped and inspired. Listening to music isn’t your only passion though – you also love to dance, sing, and perform. 

As long as there’s a beat, you’ll find a way to make it work for you! Music isn’t just life, it’s your lifeblood.

Smurfs: The Lost Village - Sony Pictures Animation


Just because Clumsy is your favorite doesn’t mean that you’re a klutz. Sure, we all have our spastic moments, it’s what makes us human. If you love Clumsy, we have a feeling that you’ve realized that the greatest part about him is what’s below the surface. When you take the time to truly see the Smurf he is inside, you’ll find someone kind and sincere. Clumsy is filled with wonder and curiosity. He has a huge heart and is a super loyal friend that everyone in the Smurf Village can count on. He’s always willing to help out, even if it means he might mess things up.

Being able to put yourself out there even if you might make a mistake or feel vulnerable is a huge deal. You’d never try anything new if you never tried at all. We think it’s very admirable that Clumsy always tries hard and does his best to help out his friends – it’s the thought that counts!

Smurfs: The Lost Village - Sony Pictures Animation


If you find yourself drawn to Storm, you’re probably the type of girl who packs a punch of girl power in everything you do. Whether you’re leading the debate team at your school or attending a protest to fight for something you believe in, you’re a totally tough lady. You’re capable of fighting all your own battles and you don’t need help from anyone. But just because you don’t NEED their help, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for it once in awhile. The people in your life love you for who you are, and they want to get to know the REAL you.

When Smurfette and the gang arrived in Smurfy Grove, Storm was quick to judge them. Learn from her mistakes – if you find yourself judging someone, take some time to get to know them. You’ll find that you have a lot more friends and a lot more fun in your life. Think of how much more successful you’ll be at changing the world when you have a whole bunch of loud voices by your side!

Smurfs: The Lost Village - Sony Pictures Animation


If our hypothesis is true, then Brainy is your favorite Smurf. Are we right? Then keep on reading. Like Brainy, you’re extremely smart. You’re at your best when you’re learning something new, coding a new project, or whipping up a new idea. Whether your BFF is looking for a study partner or someone to help fix their laptop, they know they can count on you. Your quest for knowledge is endless and you’re not afraid to share what you’ve learned with other people. You’re not just a typical “indoorsy” brainiac, though. You love getting outside and exploring new places. The world is filled with places to see and things to try – so why would you want to do all your learning inside?

Sometimes you’re a bit misunderstood and come off a bit eccentric, but honestly, that’s a good thing. It makes you an individual. The best part? Everyone loves you exactly the way you are – so no pressure. You do you!

Smurfs: The Lost Village - Sony Pictures Animation


Is Lily your favorite Smurf? We’re guessing you’re quick witted, a quick learner, and quick to tell people what you think. You never miss out on a single opportunity because you jump at everything that comes your way. Remember though, when you get overwhelmed it’s okay to take a break, say no, or check your calendar to make sure you’re not overdoing it. When placed in a group project at school, you always step into the leader role. You’re not afraid to take charge and start doling out responsibilities – sometimes before anyone else gets a chance to speak. You may be a great leader and have great ideas, but try slowing it down a bit. Listening to what others have to say and consider their ideas. When you take time to think something through or plan it out, you’ll usually find that there’s a solution you didn’t think of the first time around. You don’t always have to be the loudest or the best in order for people to appreciate you.

Valuing what others have to say and hearing out their opinions is a great way to make lasting relationships. Being like Lily has it’s perks – it means you’re always ready for anything and you’re not afraid to step out of your comfort zone!

Smurfs: The Lost Village - Sony Pictures Animation


Your favorite character is Gargamel? But he’s the bad guy! Okay, so even though he’s totally evil wizard who wants to destroy the Smurfs, he’s not all bad. He obviously put in lots of time and effort in his journey to become the most powerful wizard in the world, he’s just kind of terrible at executing his plans. (Which is a totally relatable quality!) It’s always great to have a goal, but it’s how you go about achieving your goals that makes all the difference. Plus – he brings the LOLs like crazy. The movie would be filled with a lot less laughs and a lot less adventure if the Smurfs didn’t have an enemy. That reminds us – it’s generally the people and scenarios that make things hardest for you that you learn the most from, so thanks for being evil, Gargamel!

Smurfs: The Lost Village - Sony Pictures Animation


If Willow is your Spirit Smurf, we can’t blame you. She’s passionate, brave, and kicks-total butt. Like Willow, you put your heart into everything you do. You always try hard to do your best and make sure that everything you do is the best for the greater good. You’re very in tune with yourself and everyone around you. Like Willow, you understand that everyones differences, interests, and skills can be used as an advantage. That’s how she put together her warrior team of amazing Smurf ladies. She tuned into everyone’s skills and helped nurture them so they could grow and blossom into amazing warriors who are capable of anything. Any good leader knows that you’re only as good as the team you surround yourself with. Keep that in mind as you grow and blossom into the warrior YOU were mean to be!

Smurfs: The Lost Village - Sony Pictures Animation

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