Everything You Need to Know About Pokémon Go

The Pokémon Company made a major announcement yesterday – Pokémon is coming to mobile in the most incredibly cool way ever. It’s a little bit real world fun, a little bit AR, and a little bit mobile game all rolled into one!  The new game is called Pokémon Go, and it’s about to blow your mind. Check out the trailer here.

There’s not a whole ton of info just yet, but what we do know is that we’re one step closer to having real life Pokémon as pets and lifelong pals!

Everything We Know About Pokémon Go So Far:

Pokemon Go
1. You can catch Pokémon in the real world!
You’ll get an alert when a wild Pokémon is nearby, and you’ll get the chance to catch it. While it won’t be as cool as in the trailer, it’ll still be a really fun AR experience.
You’ll get some fresh air and adventure, and you’ll get to catch Pokémon – it’s basically a dream come true!

Pokemon Go
2. You can trade and battle with other players.
Don’t forget – if you make eye contact with someone, you must battle! It’s Poké-Law!

Pokemon Go Plus
3. There’s a wearable that goes with the game that looks like a Pokéball map pin. It’s called Pokémon Go Plus.
It’s not needed in order to play, but if you have one, it will help improve the gameplay experience. You won’t always need to be looking at your phone, the device will light up and vibrate when something in the real world corresponds to something in the virtual world of Pokémon Go. You can wear it like a watch, or clip it on like a pin.

Pokemon Go
4. The game will be free, but there will be some in-app purchases.
We’re guessing they won’t be necessary in order to complete the game, but just help you progress more quickly or maybe give you extra items or something.

Pokemon Go Pokemon Go

5. Pokémon Go has been in the works for a few years now, and will be available in 2016!
The game will be available on iOS and Android phones. More info about the game will be revealed as the release date gets closer. We’re dying to see some real gameplay demos!

Better go stock up on red hats and sneakers, because we’re all in for the most incredible Pokémon quest yet!

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