5 Royal Facts About Long Live the Royals

The Long Live the Royals miniseries starts tonight on Cartoon Network, but did you know this isn’t the first we’re seeing of these characters? Here’s 5 Royal Facts About Long Live the Royals.

5 Royal Facts About Long Live the Royals

1. The pilot for the show went up on the Cartoon Network site back in May 2014, but had since been taken down. Thankfully, with the mini-series about to air, CN has posted it up on their YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure. Have a watch and get to know King Rufus, Queen Eleanor, and the rest of the royal family. The series was created by Regular Show producer, Sean Szeles.

Long Live the Royals
2. The miniseries is a 4 night event, with each episode following a different member of the British Royal Family during the annual Yule Hare Festival. The festival is jam packed with delicious food, fun events, singing forest men, and lots of LOLs as these characters try to navigate and survive it.
Each character has their own weird quirks and flaws that’ll definitely make them unique, and will absolutely lead to hilarious antics throughout the series. They’re a bunch of total goofballs and have the pettiest of arguments, showing us all that maybe our families aren’t as weird and dysfunctional as we thought, and that your family doesn’t need to be “perfect” or “normal” in order to be great.

Long Live the Royals
3. The main characters are:
King Rufus, who is a bit awkward, and isn’t great at words and stuff.
Queen Eleanor, who definitely does. not. SNORE! (She does.) and is very interested in her image.
Prince Peter, who is really good (or really horrible) at puns and is a bit shy.
Princess Rosalind, who finds princessing to be a bit of a challenge since she’s way more interested in rocking out.
and Prince Alex, who is a royal pain, determined to prove himself worthy by finding the Yule Hare.
Queen Eleanor, Prince Peter, Princess Rosalind, and Prince Alex are the 4 characters who lead each episode.

Long Live the Royals
4. Despite living in a medieval kingdom, the family actually has lots of modern day things, like smart phones and the internet. They’ll need to balance medieval traditions with their modern day struggles, which is actually one of the most fun and interesting parts of the entire show.

Long Live the Royals
5. The episodes will air on November 30-December 3rd at 7:45pm EST, and are 11 minutes each, giving us just short of an hour of Long Live the Royals goodness. The series definitely leaves you wanting more, so hopefully if it’s successful, we’ll get a full series or another miniseries out of it down the road.

Here’s the schedule:
Peter’s episode, “Yule Scare”, airs November 30th.
Description: The family begins planning for the festival, but those preparations fall apart when Peter is unsuccessful in finding friends to party with.

Rosalind’s episode, “Punk Show”, airs December 1st.
Description: Rosalind attempts skipping the festival in favor of her boyfriend’s punk rock concert, much to the chagrin of Rufus.

Queen Eleanor’s episode, “Snore Much”, airs December 2nd.
Eleanor must resolve her snoring when it brings about issues in the kingdom.

Prince Alex’s episode, “The Feast”, airs December 3rd.
As the feast of the festival commences, Alex escapes to retrieve the Yule Hare of Lore.

Interested in the show? Throw on your best royal garb, plop your butt in your favorite throne, and enjoy Long Live the Royals, starting tonight!

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