Which Lil’ Butter is Most Like You?

It’s safe to say that we’re completely obsessed with Lil’ Butters, the adorable new butterfly toys from Snaptoys. Lil’ Butters are all about being confident in who you are, trying new things, and always seeing how far your wings can take you. There’s a character for every personality – whether you’re totally zen, a kick-butt hero, or are totally quirky, there’s a Lil’ Butter who’s ready to be your BFF. We’ve got more info on these little cuties HERE, but for now, take our Lil’ Butters Quiz to find out which one is most like you or help you to decide which one to buy first!

PS: Series 1 is finally available for purchase on Amazon and at Hobby Lobby, with more stores coming soon. Keep an eye out on lilbutters.com for updates on where you can buy them, as well as when the next series will be available. How far can YOU fly?

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