Glow Girls: Meet Voice Over Artists Cassie and Sabrina Glow

Cassie and Sabrina Glow are proof that you’re never too young to follow your dreams!

Best known as the Glow Girls, these ambitious sisters have been making their mark in the world of voiceover for the past five years. They have lent their voices to everything from cartoons to commercials, and even toys! Cassie and Sabrina are incredibly passionate about what they do and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. In fact, their family recently added a professional recording studio inside their house so that they can record any time.

Outside of doing voice work, Cassie and Sabrina love to get creative! They enjoy drawing, reading lots of books, and making animated stop motion movies together. They’re even blue belts in Tai Kwon Do!

These hardworking sisters are SO inspiring, which is why we knew we just HAD to chat with them about following their passions, their creative interests, and their love of roller coasters!

Get to Know the Glow Girls:

Meet Voice Over Artists Cassie and Sabrina Glow
How did you first get involved with voice acting? When was the moment you fell in love with it?

SABRINA GLOW: Ever since we were little, we’ve always loved reading books together and acting out the parts using different voices for the characters. When we discovered voiceover, it reminded us of doing that when we were little.

CASSIE GLOW: We have performed on stage and in a few commericals too. Once we tried voice acting, we fell in love with it immediately and 5 years later we’re still doing what we love!

Tell us a little about your process. How do you prepare for a recording session or to bring a new character to life?

CASSIE: Our voiceover routine always includes drinking water like it’s our job and doing vocal warm-ups and tongue twisters.

When we’re working on a new animated character, we review and mark our scripts and meet with the client to hear their vision for the character. Then, we imagine the character’s sound and practice different styles. For something like a commercial, we’ll get as much info about the product as we can and play with the item in real life!

One of the ways we like to practice our voices or develop a new character is by watching LOTS of cartoons and imitating the voices. Sometimes we try to sound like the people we know in real life. It’s really fun, and watching Mary Poppins over and over even helped us perfect our British accent!

How do you react when you see a cartoon or commerical you’ve worked on appear on TV or online?

SABRINA: We usually scream, A LOT! It’s so exciting when you realize that kids all over the world are hearing your voice in a cartoon they are watching or a toy they’re playing with.

Are you hoping to continue your voiceover careers as you get older or are there other dreams you have for the future?

SABRINA: I definitely want to continue doing voiceover, but I’m also interested in becoming a chef or an animator. I love to cook! I think it would be really fun to animate a series that Cassie and I can voice together!

CASSIE: I love voiceover, but I also love making art and fashion designs, as well as reading and writing. If can find a way to combine all of those together somehow, that would be my dream job!

How do you support each other as sisters?

GLOW GIRLS: We do pretty much everything together. We compete for roles at most auditions, but we always cheer each other on and support each other no matter who books it.

We also like to be travel buddies! If one of us has to fly to NY or LA for a booking or a callback, we go together to keep each other company and root each other on!

What are your favorite subjects in school?

CASSIE: We are homeschooled and do virtual school right now. Next year we are attending a Performing Arts academy and will be taking Creative Writing. We are very excited for that, it seems really fun!

What do you like to do for fun?

CASSIE: We both do Tae Kwon Do and recently became blue belts. We love trying to set records, like how many roller coasters we can ride in a day. Our current record is 61 loops!

SABRINA: We also love really wacky card games, like Unstable Unicorns, playing with LEGO, and collecting Tsum Tsum and Beanie Boos.

Meet Voice Over Artists Cassie and Sabrina Glow
Who are some of your female heroes?

SABRINA: Definitely our mom! She is always supporting us and encouraging us throughout all our voiceover jobs. If she wasn’t there for us, I don’t know what we’d do!

CASSIE: Another person who really inspires us is Marissa Louie. She started her own company, Animoodles, and she proved that doing what you love can lead to success!

SABRINA: I also admire Russi Taylor, the voice of Minnie Mouse! I love that she made a career out of doing what she loves and is proof that no matter how old you are, you can continue to follow your dreams. I want to be Minnie Mouse when I grow up!

How do you make a positive impact?

CASSIE: We both volunteer for Learning Ally, which is an organization that provides audio books for children with learning disabilities, like dyslexia. It’s amazing to be able to give back using our talents, helping others by doing something we love!

Do you have any advice you’d like to share with other kids with big dreams like yours?

SABRINA: Follow your dreams! You can decide who you want to be, don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad about yourself because you can do anything. If you work hard and set goals, you can achieve your dreams!

CASSIE: If you have a big dream, go for it and work hard because hard work really does pay off. In the end, even if it doesn’t work out, you’re still accomplishing something and moving toward that dream. If you have a dream, no one can stop you!

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