Girls With Influence: Kadence Ann

GIRLS WITH INFLUENCE is a brand new series on YAYOMG! where we celebrate girls who are making their mark across social media in a unique and positive way.

Welcome to the first-ever edition of GIRLS WITH INFLUENCE, a brand new content series on YAYOMG! where we’re connecting you with your favorite influencers. These girls don’t just have a ton of followers – they are girls who are making their mark on social media while also building positive communities, using their platforms for good, and sharing their unique points of view with the world.

We’re excited to kick-off this inspiring new series with Kadence Ann (@kadenceannn), a tween influencer who is inspiring girls to express themselves through their love of fashion and Science.

Girls With Influence: Kadence Ann
(Image provided by Kadence Ann)

You may recognize Kadence as a Girls With Heart Ambassador for Justice and an influencer for everything from Lip Smackers to Pomsies. But in addition to being vocal about the brands and products she loves, she is also passionate about saving the Earth, getting hands-on with DIYs and fun experiments, and empowering girls to find their confidence.

Kadence Ann shares videos on her YouTube Channel every Saturday where she shows girls how to combine their love of fashion with their interest in Science in a super relatable way. By creating pencil holders out of recycled water bottles and Stranger Things inspired lava lamps, she shows girls how they can use Science in a way that is fun and easy to understand.

Get to know Kadence Ann as she shares all of her favorite things and dishes on what it means to be A Fashion Girl in a Science World!

Girls With Influence: Kadence Ann:

Girls With Influence: Kadence Ann
(Image provided by Kadence Ann)
I love being an influencer because:

KADENCE ANN: It gives me a way to help spread positivity and a place I can encourage girls to be themselves.

My female heroes are:

KADENCE ANN: My mom always! Maya Penn is another inspiration.

My dream for the future is:

KADENCE ANN: To help stop plastic production because it is destroying the Earth.

Girls With Influence: Kadence Ann
(Image provided by Kadence Ann)
This is how I make a positive impact:

KADENCE ANN: By being true to myself, helping in my community, and speaking out against things that are wrong, like bullying! Another way is raising awareness for problems that exist. Right now, my focus is on finding ways to replace plastic with reusable biodegradable products.

My advice for other girls is:

KADENCE ANN: To be yourself! There is no one else like you and you make the world a better place. Be strong and know in your heart it doesn’t matter what others say or think.

Also, it is very important to give back in small and big ways when you can. Just being kind to someone is giving back!

Girls With Influence: Kadence Ann
(Image provided by Kadence Ann)
Your motto is “A Fashion Girl in a Science World.” Tell us a little about what this means to you and how you hope to inspire other girls to embrace this lifestyle.

KADENCE ANN: It means girls can be anything and not just one label. I love clothes and all things fashion and expressing myself through the things that I wear. I also love being a nerd and all things Science!

Science enables us to have the knowledge of how to help care for the Earth. You can embrace this mentality by exploring all the sides to yourself instead of just one!

Fav Subjects in School:

KADENCE ANN: Of course, Science, but my other favorite subject is English. I love expressing myself through writing and we do this a lot in my English class.

Somewhere I’d Love to Travel:

KADENCE ANN: I love to travel! I have been very lucky to visit a lot of places like Jamaica, Costa Rica, San Francisco and many more. My favorite was the Cayman Islands.

Fav Pizza Toppings:

KADENCE ANN: I love the good old classic pepperoni!

Girls With Influence: Kadence Ann
(Image provided by Kadence Ann)
Something Your Fans Might Not Know About You:

KADENCE ANN: I have two older half-sisters. Even though most of my day to day life is living like an only child, I am so thankful I have two sisters. Another thing is that I become and Aunt this year. I am a 12-year-old Aunt!

Favorite Book:

KADENCE ANN: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! I am a huge Potter Head. #TeamRavenclaw

Girls With Influence: Kadence Ann
Best Way to Relax:

KADENCE ANN: Binge watching Netflix!

Fav Social Platforms:

KADENCE ANN: My favorite social platforms are Instagram and TikTok. You can find me on both as @kadenceannn.

If you love Science as much as Kadence, we think you’ll love getting to The Wild Adventure Girls!

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