Shmowzow! 8 Awesome Fionna and Cake Mashups!

Issue #1 of the Fionna & Cake: Card Wars comic came out today! If you’re like us, you’ve already plowed through the entire issue and are counting down the days until Issue #2 releases next month so you can find out what happens next in their epic Card Wars battle! (Will they floop the pig?!)

A monthly dose of Fionna and Cake is simply not enough, so we scoured the internet for some mathematical Fionna and Cake Mashups to soothe the mighty need burning inside you! (There’s also an entire other 6 issue miniseries of Fionna and Cake comics, in case you haven’t read them yet!) Adventure Time fans have some legit artistic talent, so you’re definitely gonna want to take a peek!

Fionna and Cake Mashups:

Fionna and Cake Mashup - Alice in Wonderland

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