The Dragon Quest Builders Game Trailer is Here!

What could make the world of Dragon Quest even better? If you said “Make it more like Minecraft“, then you’re gonna pretty stoked for Dragon Quest Builders from Square Enix! Watch the trailer here.

As you can see from the trailer, Dragon Quest Builders, the game is more than just a Minecraft clone. There’s also RPG elements included as well, giving the game a little more depth and sense of adventure. There’s also lots of quests for you to complete along the way, giving you a bit more direction than just aimlessly mining, crafting, and exploring. Some of the quests are related to building, others are based around battling.

Dragon Quest Builders

Battling plays an important role in Dragon Quest Builders. Battles in the game are done in more of an RPG style and it’s also necessary to make your way through the game. Some battles unlock crafting ingredients that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. You can also find important items by raiding chests, as you would in Dragon Quest. The game features lots of characters and enemies from the Dragon Quest franchise, which really help bring Builders to the next level. (Yes, of course there’s Slime!)

Dragon Quest Builders
There’s lots of ways to build, including in-game blueprints that can help you create things you might not have thought of on your own. They’re basically templates that you can place into the world. The house template shows you how to build your house, your crafting table, a bed, and more.

If you’re more of a creative type and want to build your house your own way, you can do that too, or use the blueprint as a base and then change it up however you like. There’s even going to be decoration elements you can unlock so that you can really add your personal touch to your creations. Crafting plays a big role in the game as well, you’ll need to craft the tools, potions, and other elements you’ll need in order to complete the game.

Dragon Quest Builders
At first glance, the game seems like a Dragon Quest Minecraft skin, but once you get your hands on it, there’s a lot more to it and it seems like it’s gonna be a great game for both fans of the Dragon Quest games as well as fans of sandbox world building games. The game will be released in January 2016 in Japan, but no other release dates have been announced yet. Fingers crossed for sometime in 2016!

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