5 Reasons Star Wars Fans Will Love the Bounders Book Series

Today we have something truly stellar for all you sci-fi lovers out there. Amazing middle-grade author Monica Tesler is here with a guest post that’s perfect for those of you who love getting caught up in galaxies far, far away.

She’s the author of the Bounders series, a science fiction adventure series, that follows the thrilling story of the first class of cadets at the Earth Force academy for quantum space travel, kids who have always felt different but never suspected they held the key to saving Earth from an alien threat.

5 Reasons Fans of Star Wars Love Bounders

The third book in this thrilling five-book series, The Forgotten Shrine, was released this week, the same week as Star Wars: The Last Jedi. What do these two things have in common? Here’s Monica Tesler with five reasons she thinks her Bounders series is perfect for fans of Rey, BB-8, and the Star Wars universe.

Five Reasons Star Wars Fans Will Love Bounders:

5 Reasons Fans of Star Wars Love the Bounders Book Series by Monica Tesler

The Characters

The main characters in Star Wars may not like each other too much when they meet, but they have to work together to do something super important, like stop a planet from blowing up. Think Rey, Finn, and Poe. Or Luke, Han, and Leia.

Bounders also features an ensemble cast of main characters. It’s the story of five kids—Jasper, Cole, Lucy, Marco, and Mira—who must learn to work together to save lives. They don’t exactly start out as the best of friends, but they discover they are stronger together than they could ever be alone.

The Force

Who hasn’t dreamed of using the Force? It’s probably the coolest thing in Star Wars.

There’s something like the Force in Bounders, too. No spoilers here, but let’s say that by the end of the book, the characters can do some pretty amazing things with biotechnology using their brains and their hands. And just like how some people are better with the Force than others, the Bounders are the best in the universe at wielding this tech.

5 Reasons Fans of Star Wars Love the Bounders Book Series by Monica Tesler

Aliens and Alien Worlds

Learning about different aliens and their home worlds in Star Wars is lots of fun!

Bounders is packed with alien stuff from page one. Not only are there aliens in the books, but also some of the most exciting scenes take place on alien planets!

Spaceships, Gadgets, and More

Star Wars has awesome spaceships, like X-wing fighters and the Millennium Falcon, and technology, like lightsabers and droids.

In Bounders, quantum bounding ships, spider robots, and top-secret biotechnology are only a few of the cool space age tech to be discovered.

5 Reasons Fans of Star Wars Love the Bounders Book Series by Monica Tesler


One of the best things about Star Wars is that there are more movies coming! While you’re waiting, you can rewatch earlier films in the series, maybe looking for clues about Rey’s family or fantasizing about what will happen when Luke Skywalker trains her to be a Jedi knight.

Bounders is also a series. So, if you enjoy the first book, Earth Force Rising, you can read the next and get excited for even more books to come. This awesome space adventure series is an out-of-this-world read for Star Wars fans!

5 Reasons Fans of Star Wars Love the Bounders Book Series by Monica Tesler5 Reasons Fans of Star Wars Love the Bounders Book Series by Monica Tesler

We completely agree with Monica that her books are a great fit for Star Wars fans – and we think she forgot a really important point. Bounders is possibly even more fun because all the characters are middle-school aged kids, so it’s super easy to imagine you and your squad right beside them as they head out on adventure after adventure.

After you hit up the movie theater to experience and experience the magic of Porgs on the big screen, be sure to hit up your favorite bookstore to grab Earth Force Rising, The Tundra Trials, and The Forgotten Shrine on your way home.

Thank you so much to Monica for writing this post and sharing your fantastic series with our YAYOMGers! You can learn more about Monica and her books by visiting her website, here!

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