How Well Do You Know the Angry Birds Movie?

The Angry Birds Movie is finally out for Digital Download (and the DVD/Blu-Ray are just a few days away!), so it’s the perfect time to watch the movie again and freshen up on your trivia! If you haven’t seen it, the Angry Birds Movie brings the games to life and tells the hilarious tale of what happens when the pigs and the birds meet for the very first time and what exactly makes these birds so darn angry!

Angry Birds Movie Quiz
anger stems from being made fun of and misunderstood as a child, and his anger has led him to be a bit of a loner in his adult life. Pretty much all of the other birds on the island are happy and carefree and don’t mind taking things slow and living a laid-back lifestyle. They don’t really understand Red, so when the pigs arrive and he can tell they’re suspicious and have ulterior motives, the other birds don’t take him seriously. Red realizes that he’ll need to team up with Bomb and Chuck, the only birds on the island who seem to like him, and head out on an epic adventure to find a legendary hero to save the island and prove to everyone that the pigs are up to no good.

Take our Angry Birds Movie Quiz to find out just how much you know about the flick!

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