7 Reasons You Need to Play Jurassic GO

Back in November, we told you guys all about Snapimals, a totally charming photo safari game with a great sense of humor. We didn’t just play that game to review it for you guys, we became straight up ADDICTED to it. So when the team at BebopBee reached out to us last week asking if we’d like a chance to review their new game, Jurassic GO – Dinosaur Snap Adventure, a few days early we were totally psyched! (No, really, we’re already Level 8!)

Since we gave you guys 6 reasons you absolutely needed to play Snapimals, we thought it was only fair to bring you 7 reasons this time around! Peep the trailer for this prehistoric photo adventure here.

7 Reasons You Need to Play Jurassic GO:

Jurassic GO

1. It’s like Pokémon GO, but you don’t actually need to go outside and there are dinosaurs, which existed long before Pokémon ever did:

Actually – it’s more like Pokémon Snap, but many of you youngin’ might not remember that glorious game. In Jurassic GO, you head out on a prehistoric safari, snapping photos of all the dinosaurs you can find. Sometimes they’re just lounging around being lazy, other times they’re doing mischievous things, like stealing eggs from other dinos. (Or even stealing each other. Our absolute favorite thing in the entire game is when the tiny T-Rex literally picks up a giant Triceratops and walks around with it like it isn’t even a big deal.) The dinos are ridiculously cute and funny and the catchy tunes just add to the whole experience.

Jurassic GO


We can all agree that the Dino Island in Snapimals was the best part, and now you get to play an entire game filled with prehistoric goodness! It’s like a dream come true! It’s like what Jurassic Park would be if the dinosaurs never tried to escape or eat anyone! You can interact with the dinos by using the Goofball and the Harmonica, which help lure the animals out from hiding so you can snap a photo.


Jurassic GO
3. It’s super easy to learn:
If you’ve already played Snapimals, you’ll be able to jump right in to Jurassic GO without even thinking. The controls are pretty much the same. Slide your finger around the screen to move the camera. Tap to take a photo. Those are the only two things you really need to do, other than having a good eye to catch quirky moments in action and be quick enough to snap them! You’ll get to take 5 pictures each round, at the end of the safari you’ll have to pick your 3 best photos to get scored.

The more you play, the more awesome photo-ops you’ll unlock in each area. Right now there are 4 lands to explore – the Swamp, the Crater, the River, and the Badlands, but we’re sure we’ll see even more lands in future updates. See if you can unlock Rare and Legendary dinosaurs! (See, we told you it was like Pokémon! Now where are the shinies?!)

Jurassic GO

4. You can play for hours and hours and hours:

The only bummer thing about Snapimals was that unless you purchased gems (or waited around a bunch), you could only play about 3 rounds at a time before you ran out of rolls of film. In Jurassic GO, the Captain has gotten a bit less greedy, and done away with the pesky free-to-play/in-app purchase stuff completely! Now, you’ll pay $3.99 once to download the game, and you’ll have access to play the game as much as you want. (We played for like 8 hours on Sunday and it never once tried to stop us or ask us to buy a gem!)

Since Snapimals was so popular with kids and families, this new way of doing things makes it better for everyone. Parents don’t like in-app purchases and kids don’t like waiting, so now the problem is totally solved! (See, developers DO listen to their swarms of adoring fans after all!) Plus, by paying for your download, you’re supporting a super rad indie dev team and enabling them to keep the game updated and make even more awesome games in the future.

Jurassic GO

5. You can record your gameplay and share with friends:
Jurassic GO lets you capture every moment of your gameplay so you can show off what a skilled photographer you are to all your friends. All you need to do is tap the record button in the top right of the screen and it’ll capture everything you do on screen, as well as your own voice if you want to add commentary. You can also share every pic you take in the game, if you really want to!

Jurassic GO

6. Build the world’s greatest museum:

No really! It’s shaped like a dinosaur once you level up enough! (See that up there? That’s ours. SO PROUD.) The museum is where you’ll store all your best pics, unlock rare photos, and learn awesome facts about each dinosaur. (Our personal favorite fact is for the Camerasaurus, but we’ll let you find that one out on your own!)

Jurassic GO

7. There’s lots of stuff to unlock, earn, and do!

Link the game to your Game Center or Facebook account (or invite your friends via text) to send each other keys and compete against each other on the leaderboards. Keys are how Legendary Dinos are unlocked, but don’t fret – if you don’t have any friends you can still earn keys by completing quests throughout the game. With lots of quests to finish and achievements to unlock and leveling up to do, there’s always something to keep you coming back for more.

The game is now available on iOS devices and will be hitting Android later this month. Before you run off to play, we just wanted to give an extra special thanks to BebopBee for giving us the chance to play this game early. It was such a blast!

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