These Cozy Reads Will Keep You Warm This Winter + GIVEAWAY!

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Winter is underway, and whether you’re bundled up on a snow day or live in a place where the sun shines all year long, you’ll love cozying up with a hot chocolate and the brand new books in our Winter Reads Giveaway!

That’s why we teamed up with our friends at Holiday House, Pixel+Ink, and Peachtree to keep your bookshelf stocked with brand new stories to whisk you away this winter! Their picks include 7 brand new books, including a few that aren’t even on shelves yet. From a hilarious graphic novel about a superhero in training to mysterious island mysteries filled with maps and letters and a story set in an imaginative world made of paper and cardboard, you’ll love warming up with these amazing reads this winter!

Ready to enter? We’re giving FIVE lucky readers a chance to snag a winter book haul filled with 7 fabulous reads – just have your favorite adult fill out the form below for your chance to win!

Cover of Dolphin Girl #2: Eye of the Baloney Storm

Dolphin Girl: Eye of the Baloney Storm:

AUTHOR: Zach Smith
PUBLISHER: Pixel + Ink
AVAILABLE: January 18, 2022

SPECIAL SNEAK PEEK: This book isn’t released yet, so our giveaway winners will receive an Advanced Review Copy (ARC).


Attention fans of Lunch Lady and Steven Universe! Middle grade graphic novel superhero-in-training Dolphin Girl is back fending off cold cut storms and learning to deal with a new (super-annoying) rival in the second book in this side-splitting series.

Ever since the evil Sea Cow tried to steal Dolphin Girl and Captain Dugong’s restaurant/hideout in Trouble in Pizza Paradise!, business has been bad. Dolphin Girl attempts to rebrand the restaurant, but everyone who works there hates the new outfits and the new music. Even worse, there’s a new superhero in town—everyone loves, Wonder Friend and they seemingly can do no wrong. On the other hand, Dolphin Girl is getting everything wrong. 

But when Sea Cow returns to cover Midwestern Deerburbia in a blizzard of baloney, Dolphin Girl and Otter Boy have no choice but to team up with the all-too-wonderful Wonder Friend to prevent their town from becoming a big Jimmy John’s sandwich!

With bold, bright, energetic illustration Into the Baloney Storm serves up a graphic novel that fans of Steven Universe will be eager to sink their teeth into.

Cover of Trillium Girls #3: Fashionable Disaster

Trillium Sisters: Fashionable Disaster:

AUTHOR: Laura Brown and Elly Kramer
ILLUSTRATOR: Sarah Mesinga
PUBLISHER: Holiday House
AVAILABLE: February 15, 2022

SPECIAL SNEAK PEEK: This book isn’t released yet, so our giveaway winners will receive an Advanced Review Copy (ARC).


Being bossy leads to big problems, and only the Trills coming together can save the day in the third book in the Trillium Sisters series, perfect for fans of Mia Mayhem and The Wish Fairy.

When the Trills discover a rocky enclosure with natural hot spring while hiking, they realize it could be the location for the perfect new addition to the village—a spa! But all of the supplies they’ll need aren’t going to come cheap, so they decide they’ll organize a fashion show to raise funds. Luckily, everyone in Trillville is willing to lend a hand to make the show a success.

As the local fashionista, Clare thinks she’s the clear choice to be in charge. But instead of leading, she’s just super bossy, refusing to listen to anyone else’s input. After an epic Trills blowup, rain leads to a landslide, leaving Clare trapped inside the enclosure and Giselle and Emmy on the other side of the rock wall, unable to help her. Will the sisters be able to put aside their differences to join forces (and join charms) so they can channel their powers and skills into getting Clare free?

With energetic black-and-white illustration throughout, Fashionable Disaster focuses on family, community, environmental stewardship, and learning to work together as a team, continuing this magical series.

Cover of The Swallowtail Legacy: Wreck at Ada's Reef

The Swallowtail Legacy: Wreck at Ada’s Reef:

AUTHOR: Michael D. Beil
PUBLISHER: Pixel + Ink
AVAILABLE: February 15, 2022

SPECIAL SNEAK PEEK: This book isn’t released yet, so our giveaway winners will receive an Advanced Review Copy (ARC).


Punctuated with transcripts, letters, maps, black-and-white illustrations and more, The Swallowtail Legacy: Wreck at Ada’s Reef is a vibrant contemporary mystery with a classic feel exploring righting past wrongs, redefining family, and finding yourself.

Twelve-year-old Lark Heron-Finch is steeling herself to spend the summer on Swallowtail Island off the shores of Lake Erie. It’s the first time that she and her sister will have seen the old house since their mom passed away. And while her stepfather and his boys are okay, the island’s always been full of happy memories–and now everything is different.

When Nadine, a close family friend, tells Lark about a tragic boat accident that happened off the coast many years before, Lark’s enthralled with the story. Nadine’s working on a book about Dinah Purdy, Swallowtails’s oldest resident who had a connection to the crash, and she’s sure that the accident was not as it appeared. Impressed by Lark’s keen eye, she hires her as her research assistant for the summer.

And then Lark discovers something amazing. Something that could change Dinah’s life. Something linked to the crash and even to her own family’s history with Swallowtail. But there are others on the island who would do anything to keep the truth buried in the watery depths of the past.

A compelling and complex mystery with a classic feel, Wreck at Ada’s Reef is perfect for fans of The Parker Inheritance, Holes, The Westing Game, and anyone looking for a satisfying puzzle that stretches across decades.

Cover of The Boy Who Met a Whale

The Boy Who Met a Whale:

AUTHOR: Nizrana Farook
PUBLISHER: Peachtree Publishing
AVAILABLE: February 1, 2022

SPECIAL SNEAK PEEK: This book isn’t released yet, so our giveaway winners will receive an Advanced Review Copy (ARC).


From the author of The Girl Who Stole an Elephant comes another brilliant escapade. A thrilling adventure set in fictional Sri Lanka, jam-packed with peril and kidnap and a huge blue whale!

Razi, a local fisherboy, is watching turtle eggs hatch when he sees a boat bobbing into view. With a chill, he notices a small, still hand hanging over the side… Inside is Zheng, who’s escaped a shipwreck and is full of tales of sea monsters and missing treasure. But the villains who are after Zheng are soon after Razi and his sister, Shifa, too. And so begins an exhilarating adventure in the shadow of the biggest sea monster of them all…

Cover of How to Save a Superhero

How to Save a Superhero:

AUTHOR: Ruth Freeman
PUBLISHER: Holiday House


Ten-year-old Addie knows that Superheroes aren’t real, and that they certainly don’t hide out in retirement communities, but she may just have to change her mind.

Addie and her mom never stay in one place too long. They’ve been up and down and all around the country. When her mom, Tish, gets a new job at Happy Valley Village Retirement Community in Pennsylvania, Addie believes they’ll be on the road again in a month. But this time, something is different–make that, someone. Mr. Norris, a grumpy resident of Happy Valley and. . .a former superhero?

Well, that’s what Marwa, whose mom also works at Happy Valley, would try and have Addie believe. Addie and her friend Dickson know better even if there are things they can’t explain. Like the time Mr. Norris was about to get hit by a car and was suddenly on the other side of the road or the way his stare seems to take root in Addie’s stomach.

When a man starts prowling the Happy Valley grounds, claiming to be the great-nephew of a resident, Addie, Marwa, and Dickson soon stumble into a grand conspiracy involving the Manhattan Project, a shady weapons company, and the fate of the human race, in this smart, funny middle grade novel.

Cover of Cardboardia: The Other Side of the Box

Cardboardia: The Other Side of the Box:

AUTHOR: Lucy Campagnolo
ILLUSTRATOR: Richard Fairgray
PUBLISHER: Pixel + Ink


A group of friends must use their ingenuity to save a parallel world that can only be accessed through cardboard boxes in this series starter from Black Sand Beach author Richard Fairgray and Lucy Campagnolo. Perfect for readers ready to step up from Jelly.

When Mac, Masie, and Bird find mysterious tokens in their cereal boxes, they’re transported to Cardboardia, a magical land made of paper and cardboard. In this parallel universe to ours, creativity thrives: Every time a box of anything is created in our world, a replica appears there, bringing residents art supplies, food, books, and more.

But an evil presence is slowly moving in, threatening to wipe all art and beauty from this paper paradise. It’s no mistake that the three friends have been transported through their cardboard portals. Each has a special talent they never knew existed. And only when they figure out to harness them together will they be able to stop the destruction.

Cover of Soccer Trophy Mystery

Soccer Trophy Mystery:

AUTHOR: Fred Bowen
PUBLISHER: Peachtree Publishing


Fred Bowen is back with more soccer action–and a mystery–in his newest Sports Story, perfect for fans of Mike Lupica and Tim Green.

While soccer-playing twins Aiden and Ava lead their teams to a championship season, they try to solve the mystery of their town’s missing soccer trophy.

Thirteen-year-old twins Aiden and Ava and their good friend Daniel, all avid soccer players, have just learned their county league soccer trophy mysteriously disappeared forty years ago from the town library. It was never recovered. So between games and practices for the town’s soccer championships, the three friends try to solve the case.

But will these amateur detectives be able to unravel the mystery and find someone who had both motive and opportunity to commit the crime? Will their teams make it all the way to the championships?

Award-winning author and Washington Post KidsPost sports columnist Fred Bowen returns with another installment in his Sports Story Series, this time tackling important topics like equal recognition for women in sports. At the end of the book, Bowen includes “The Real Story” behind the disappearance of the original World Cup trophy.

Winter Reads Giveaway:


FIVE lucky winners will receive a Winter Reads Prize Pack that includes:
– ONE (1) copy of The Boy Who Met a Whale by Nizrana Farook*
– ONE (1) copy of Dolphin Girl: Eye of the Baloney Storm by Zach Smith*
– ONE (1) copy of The Swallowtail Legacy: Wreck at Ada’s Reef by Michael D. Beil*
– ONE (1) copy of Trillium Sisters: Fashionable Disaster by Laura Brown & Elly Kramer*
– ONE (1) copy of How to Save a Superhero by Ruth Freeman
– ONE (1) copy of Cardboardia: The Other Side of the Box by Richard Fairgray & Lucy Campagnolo
– ONE (1) copy of Soccer Trophy Mystery by Fred Bowen
Prizes generously provided by Holiday House, Pixel+Ink, & Peachtree Publishing

NOTE: Books marked with * have not yet been released. Winners will receive Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) of these titles. ARCs are used for review purposes and may differ from the finished release copies.


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