Find Your Happy Place with the Trolls Graphic Novel Series

DreamWorks Trolls finally hits DVD/Blu-Ray today and we’re super excited to re-live the rainbow magic. Does it get any better singing and dancing along to your favorite songs while watching a hilarious adventure?

Turns out – it does! Our friends at Papercutz released a Trolls graphic novel series back in the Fall and if you pick up the Trolls Party Edition DVD/Blu-Ray at Best Buy, you’ll actually get a copy of the comic too! We think this is a moment worth of Poppy’s scrapbook, don’t you?

Trolls Graphic Novel Series - Papercutz
Volume 1 of Papercutz Trolls series is called “Hugs & Friends” and it’s a total must-read. What can you find between the pages of this awesome comic? Colorful illustrations, the Snack Pack’s crazy antics, and a ton of LOL-moments! These mini-comic stories are a prequel to the Trolls movie, so even if you’ve seen it – you’ll have an entire book of brand new adventures in the palm of your hand.

You’ll read about every crazy thing going down in Troll Town, from Biggie’s internal struggle about eating a delicious cupcake to Branch learning how to paint his emotions. Flipping back and forth between stories of the Trolls and the Bergens, you’ll find out what happened in the forest before everyone hugged and made up. Is the first annual Trolls fashion show a success? Can Prince Gristle use pizza as a motivator for exercise? You’ll have to read it to find out!

Trolls Graphic Novel Series - Papercutz
The best part? Even if you can’t grab a copy of the DVD from Best Buy, you can still get your hands on the Trolls graphic novel. It’s been on book store, comic shop, and digital retail shelves since September and it only costs $7.99. That’s like a totally attainable amount of cash, so start digging through your couch cushions!

Trolls Graphic Novel Series - Papercutz
Papercutz announced that the 2nd book, “Put Your Hair in the Air” is headed our way on March 28th. Volume 2 takes place post-movie, which means the Trolls and Bergens can enjoy Hug Time, dancing, and singing together. We just can’t wait to read it! If you’ve got that sunshine in your pocket, take our quiz to find out which Trolls character is your Zodiac Twin!

Authors: Dave Scheidt and Tini Howard

Artist: Kathyrn Hudson
Publisher: Papercutz

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