5 Awesome Summer Vacation Ideas

Summer is here, school is out, and you’re probably already tired of hearing your parents tell you to “go do something!” Rock your summer vacation Phineas and Ferb style with these 5 awesome summer vacation ideas you can do – inside and outside – that are super fun and will get your parents off your back!

Summer Vacation Ideas:

Make a Giant Ice Cream Sundae
#1 – Make giant ice cream sundaes!
Invite some friends over, find the biggest bowls you can, and grab as many flavors and toppings as humanly possible. Sprinkles, chocolate syrup, fruit, cookies, candy, nuts, marshmallows – anything you can find – throw it in your bowl! You can even try and make monsters or other creatures out of your ice cream and toppings!

Write a Book
#2 – Write a book!
We’re sure you’ve got a summer reading list that you’re not too excited about – so why not switch it up? Write your own book or story! You can use cool sites like Miss Literati or just type it up on your computer or scribble it down in a notebook! For bonus points, show your parents or even your teachers who will be totally impressed with your sweet writing skills! Who knows, you might write the next Harry Potter or Hunger Games!
Do a Scavenger Hunt
#3 – Do a scavenger hunt!
Grab some friends and have a scavenger hunt. You can all write down a bunch of things you need to do or find, pull them out of a hat, and use them to create your ultimate scavenger hunt list. Then you can break up into teams and scour the neighborhood, trying to complete the list first. Take a pic of everything you find/do, first team who finishes everything wins!
Ideas for scavenger hunt tasks: “Take a picture of the neighbors dog!”, “Take a selfie with your best friend’s brother!”, “Take a picture of 5 different bugs!”

Make Your Own Movie
#4 – Make a movie – then watch it in style!
Write up a script and film your movie with your friends and family members. Then, invite everyone over to your house to watch it! Roll out a red carpet, dress up fancy, pop some popcorn, and watch your creation together! If you’re allowed, you can even upload it to YouTube so you can show everyone you know what an awesome filmmaker you are!

Do a Cartwheel
#5 – Try something new!
Never had a lemonade stand before? Give it a shot! Don’t know how to do a cartwheel? Now’s the time to learn! Can’t draw well? Try to perfect your favorite cartoon character by the time you go back to school! It’s summer, afterall! You’ve got like 3 months of freedom – use it to your advantage! Try new things and do cool stuff you’re not able to when you’ve got homework breathing down your neck!

If you try any of these summer vacation ideas, let us know! Also, if you have any of your own that you’ve tried – we’d love to hear about them!

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