Things are Getting Real in the ‘I Am Frankie’ Super Trailer

Have you ever looked around your classroom and wondered if any of the kids sitting next to you might actually be robots? Nickelodeon’s newest series, I Am Frankie, is about to explore the answer to that question. Frankie is an experimental android who escapes EGG Labs with the scientist who built her to avoid being used for evil. Where does she end up? In a brand new family and a high school where she’ll have to do her best to blend in and hide her true identity. Check out the super trailer for I Am Frankie here.

I Am Frankie:

After Frankie Gaines (Alex Hook) breaks free from the evil EGG Labs, she begins attending high school in hopes of blending in as an ordinary teenager. Despite not being human, Frankie quickly make friends with a girl named Dayton (Nicole Alyse Nelson) who seems to get her. Juggling crushes, homework, and trying to keep her true identity a secret, Frankie will have to navigate the high school halls not just as the new girl, but as a robot! While her family knows exactly who she is, no one else can ever find out that she’s actually an android and not a teenage girl. She’ll also have to learn how to bond with her sister Jenny, who isn’t exactly thrilled that she’s come to stay with them.

I Am Frankie - Nickelodeon
Unfortunately, everything isn’t quite so easy. Being made of gears and wires, Frankie occasionally acts “strangely” and her weird behavior begins to be noticed by the popular girls at school, Tammy (Mohana Krishnan), Lucia (Uriel Baldesco) and Makayla (Kristi Beckett). As she begins to have more human thoughts and feelings, her insides go a little haywire and cause lots of hilarious and dramatic situations. Will Frankie be able to keep her true identity a secret from her classmates or will she be shipped back to EGG Labs? You’ll have to watch it to find out!

I Am Frankie - Nickelodeon
Intrigued? I Am Frankie is set to premiere on September 11th at 7:30pm ET/PT, but will air a sneak peek on September 4th at 7pm ET/PT. If you just can’t possibly wait, the first episode is already up on for your viewing pleasure! When the series officially begins on September 11th, it will air brand new episodes every day Monday-Friday, so you’ll be able to find out what happens next in Frankie’s crazy world every single day. We checked out the first episode and we know you guys are gonna love this new series!

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