Star Darlings are Getting a Few TV Specials

Wishers, get excited! The Star Darlings are getting a few TV Specials!

Star Darlings TV Special
The first Star Darlings TV Special will air on January 29th on the Disney Channel. It’s called “Becoming Star Darlings” and it’ll give us a glimpse into how the 12 Star Darlings became the chosen 12. If you’ve read any of the books, you might already know some of this, but the 30 minute special is supposedly going to give us even more info than we already have from the digital shorts and the books, as well as introduce people to the series who haven’t seen it yet. Singer Skylar Stecker (who also did the new Bratz theme song) recently recorded her own remix of the Star Darlings theme song, “Wish Now”, and she’s said to be involved in the special when it airs. You can check out Skylar’s “Wish Now” music video here.

The second special will air on March 25th, and it’s called “Star Darlings Friendships”. There’s no official info on the second special just yet, but you can definitely guess that it has a focus on the friendships between the 12 girls. (And maybe their frenemies, like Vivica?)
Hopefully we’ll hear more info on the Star Darling’s specials soon, but the good news is, the first one is only a few days away! Let’s all make wishes that this won’t be the last we see of the Darlings on TV!

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